With Hasbro’s San Deigo Comic-Con Panel now just a few weeks away, the Nerdist.com obtained an exclusive look of some of the Rebels, OT and The Force Awakens toys that will be available later this fall. All of the releases below feature the new Rogue One packaging which is set to debut at the still unconfirmed #ForceFriday date of September 30th, 2016.

Rey (Jakku)Hasbro-Star-Wars-SDCC-10-07072016 (1)

Rey receives her fifth action figure version in the 3 3/4″ scale and it varies from her previous Jakku releases by having her face exposed while wearing her helmet/head wraps.  It appears that the Build-A-Weapon feature that ran through the entire The Force Awakens line has been abandoned if favor of an EU weapon that fires a projectile.





Hera Syndulla’s A-WingHasbro-Star-Wars-SDCC-6-07072016

This is first new A-Wing release we have received in years and like the Falcon from the TFA line it too includes a Nerf feature.  A new version of Hera, a highly sought-after figure, appears to be included to re-enact her scenes from Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels.


12″ Electronic Duel Kanan Jarrus (Star Wars Rebels)Hasbro-Star-Wars-SDCC-4-07072016

The 12″ is looking to evolve with the addition of electronics being included in what we assume is a deluxe line of figures that will be added to the $9.99 line of 12″ figures.


12″ Electronic Duel Darth Vader (Star Wars RebelsHasbro-Star-Wars-SDCC-2-07072016

Darth Vader too is getting an electronic makeover in the 12″ line.  This is not unfamiliar territory for the Sith Lord as just a few years ago he was released as an Electronic 2 in 1 Anakin to Darth Vader figure in the Saga Legends line. No word yet if this figure will interact with the Kanan figure or other yet known 12″ releases but we’re sure to hear the details in the next few weeks.



12″ Speeder Bike with Biker ScoutHasbro-Star-Wars-SDCC-8-07072016

The 12″ vehicle line expands into the Original Trilogy with this Imperial-themed vehicle set. This seems like a logical choice for the line that is set to be released in a year featuring a movie with a high Imperial presence.



Each of these releases include a movie app feature which Yakface.com has discovered allows the toy to have some interactivity with a downloadable app.

All of these figures have been added to our Rogue One-oh-One page for all things Rogue One related.


Nerdist has since removed their packaged images from their original article for a yet unknown reason.  We’ll learn more about that these figures in the weeks ahead so stay tuned for more from con season reveals.

But until then,

May the Figures be with you!