UPDATE: Clearly these commercials were released prematurely as Hasbro has pulled them from their official YouTube page. We’ll update again, once they are live, which will most likely be on Force Friday II.


With Force Friday II just two weeks away, it’s only normal that we begin to see more hype for the product set to be released on September 1st! Hasbro has taken their first step toward increasing awareness of the toys and action figures that will soon be filling store shelves with a series of new commercials.

The first commercial confirms certain hints dropped by Hasbro’s Steve Evans during convention season Q&As as playsets have re-entered the modern 3 3/4″ figure line.

This massive transforming playset looks to be chalked full of play features and various levels to either play on or display your figures. The addition of the very first Snoke action figure will make this set even more desirable to many in addition to the fact that it converts into a large BB-8.


Next up, Hasbro has provided us with our first look at the interactivity of Force Link Band.

Here we see that the Force Link will be compatible across the whole line. Be it the action figures, the vehicles, and even playsets. While no boxed or press images of the is item have yet to be seen via leaks online or in store, we expect this set to be available on the 1st.

Finally, we have Hasbro’s first Forces of Destiny adventure figure commercial. While this line has officially been out since August 1st, it is likely Hasbro is beginning to push this line as more Forces of Destiny episodes and media are slated to be coming in the next month or two. Our bet is the new content will drop just prior to the beginning of the final season of Star Wars Rebels as Lucasfilm/Disney will want to focus their hype on Rebels just until November (and after Black Panther drops in theaters) because all theatrical advertising will then shift to Episode VIII.

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