Star Wars action figures have become pop culture icons and we here would like to celebrate their fame by creating their complete filmography.  As with all things here, we need your collective collector expertise; if you know of any Star Wars action figure (film or television) appearances not listed below or could supply screenshots of figures on film, please hit us up on our e-mail,Facebook or Twitter pages so we may add it to our work-in-progress list!

2016 (but feels like 1983) – Stranger Things

In the second episode of the Summer break-out 80’s-themed  hit, Strange Things, a couple of Star Wars action figures items make a brief yet powerful appearance.  The first is a Kenner Yoda that gets a decent closeup followed by a revealing scene involving the Millennium Falcon.  Now despite this being a very authentic 80’s era show, the designers choose to use the modern 2004 Falcon as it features blue light-up engines.  This mold is based upon the vintage Falcon with numerous enhancements make for its Original Trilogy Collection release.  We can’t gush about his series enough as it features not only Star Wars figures but tons of references to the galaxy far, far away.

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