With Monday night’s debut of the ever so brief teaser for Lucasfilm’s newest animated program, Star Wars Rebels, we can only begin to speculate about what’s to come.  With still close to a year until it comes to Disney XD, there has been very little in the way of information about the show.  We have been treated to just a few McQuarrie inspired concept images and the name of the main protagonist’s ship, The Ghost.  Now as we have a one-track mind here at From 4-LOM to Zuckuss the micro-trailer has left us guessing on which vehicles we will be (hopefully) purchasing in the Fall of 2014.

rebels-concept1_lg (1)

The Ghost, a Millenium Falcon type vehicle, seems to be a no-brainer for a large Christmas vehicle release.  But with the poor sales of the last few “BF” vehicles, it might be a hard sale to make.  It makes one wonder if they may take a Dash Rendar’s Outlander approach and make The Ghost a normal sized vehicle despite its actual larger scale.


TIE Fighters appear to be making a return.  Clone Wars alum and Executive Director for Rebels, Dave Filoni, has stated that the technology will be a bit pre-A New Hope which may mean a new overall sculpt for a TIE and not just what now seems to be the common practice of tweeking the cockpit.

Is there a chance of revisiting the cantinas, cast and creatures of Tatooine?  If the teaser with its two moons and sandy planet is legit than chances are pretty good.  We have a pretty decent and recent Dewback sculpt but could use an update to the Bantha, a Krayt Dragon and the centerpiece to the Cantina bar.

“…and the Jedi shall rise!”  Mmmmmm, could Filoni be bringing back his most memorable creation, in the form of a seasoned Jedi-trained adventurer who has ties to previous rebellions?  We have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of Skywalker’s padawan as what better drama could there be then discovering your “father” figure has turned into a fascist while you were away finding yourself.

At this point in the year with convention season wrapping up this week with New York Comic Con, its likely we’ll have to wait until Toy Fair 2014 to get or see any official confirmations.  But then again we are in no hurry as speculating is part of the fun.