Welcome to another installment of Kenner Cameos! Here it is our goal to provide a guide for every time a Kenner (and Hasbro) concept or design has been showcased, outside of the action figure line, in Star Wars collectibles, publishing, animation and so on.

This week we take a look at The Clone Wars animated series which ran from 2008-2014. This series, despite its 100+ episodes, did not lean heavily on the use of Kenner nor Hasbro designs much like Lucasfilm’s current series Star Wars Rebels does. But in Season Five the series throw in a few nods the the vintage line.

 – 2013 –

Walrus Man


On January 5th, the episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars titled “Missing in Action” debuted. The episode appeared in the fifth season and was part of a four episode story arc featuring D-Squad (a team of astromech droids featuring R2). As D-Squad enters a town on the void like planet of Abafar, they pass a nameless Aqualish dressed in the familiar Kenner blue and orange.


 – 2013 –

“Blue” Snaggletooth


On September 29th, the episode “Revival” began Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ fifth season. In the episode which centers around the Nightbrothers Maul and Savage, Obi-Wan begins his search the Sith by chatting up a Snivvian Space station Superintendent by the name Morlimur Snugg. Snugg wears what now can be classified as a pilot uniform but long time collectors will recognize his outfit as belonging to the Sear’s exclusive Cantina Adventure Set Snaggletooth.


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