photo 1 (4) When the new limited articulated Saga Legends line debuted last year it was announced that Japan would be carrying the figures as well but in that nation’s popular blind box format.  Its was announced that the figures would be a mix of Saga Legends and Mission Series figures.  Fifteen figures that were pictured on the backside of the blind boxes, but what wasn’t shown was the fact that each figure would include an action figure stand!photo 4 (3)

The stands are nothing new to long time Star Wars figure collectors as they are reissues of the “Star Wars” stand that was made available with the 2006 The Saga Collection series.  Although this time they did not include the printed name of the figure on each stand.

The question that comes to mind is where did these stands come from?  Is Hasbro still producing these from their original modes (they still carry their 2005 date) or were these leftover in enough quantities to fulfill Japanese orders?

Now the more popular question for collectors who desire stands for their every growing displays, might be why weren’t these included with the carded versions?  That answer might lie in the price.  Our figures were purchased by a good friend in Japan for 762 Yen, and at today’s rates that would convert to $7.43 a figure.  So with everything else being equal, this extra stand could account for an additional $1.43 above the average price found in the US.

Regardless of the answer, it was a very nice surprise to find and we can only hope that Hasbro remembers the value many fans have for stands and provide them with their future figure lines.  Until then,

May the Figures be with you!