Now that Solo: A Star Wars Story has been released on Digital Download (which we have already watched twice) we can’t help but to speculate about what Hasbro will offer fans of the film over next 14 months!

With some key characters from the film still missing in the 3 ¾” line, Hasbro has time before the Episode IX onslaught of merchandising takes place to really finish out the Force Link 2.0 line completely, which is something they haven’t had a chance to do with the four previous Disney-era films. This is, of course, understandable due to the pace of motion picture content Lucasfilm is currently putting out but with this break in media (pending next month’s Star Wars: Resistance series doesn’t commandeer store shelves) Hasbro has the potential to create a fully-flushed out and fantastic movie line.

For the Solo figures, they have already made, check out our Solo: A Collecting Guide. And for a toy discussion about all things Solo-related check this week’s episode of TOY RUN: The Star Wars Action Figure Cast.

The following are our suggestions on how Hasbro could finish the SOLO: A Star Wars Story Force Link 2.0 line. And while there are loads of characters missing from the lists below we attempted, for the most part, to create realistic suggestions by taking into consideration the reusing of some preexisting sculpts, main character vs background character balance and price points already in place.

Hasbro’s SOLO: A Star Wars Story Force Link 2.0 Suggestion List

Basic Figures – Wave 5

  • Gambler Six Eyes

    Dava Cassamam

    Dava Cassamam

  • Dryden (Savareen)
  • Enfys Nest with Removable Helmet
  • Qi’ra (Vandor-1 black dress)
  • Cadet Han Solo (cutscene)

Basic Figures – Wave 6

  • Holographic Maul
  • Gambler Therm Scissorpunch
  • Han in Kessel Guard Disguise
  • Mimbanese Warrior (cutscene)
  • Battle-damaged Lando (with sling and L3 remains)

Deluxe (new price point)

  • Lady Proxima
  • Gambler Dava Cassaman


  • Han (black vest) & Lando (Space Hawaii)
  • Dryden (Vandor-1) & Amen Gremm
  • Ralakili & Gonk Gladiator
  • Syke with Corellian Hound



  • Mimban Heist: Beckett, Val, Rio & Korso in Imp Disguise
  • Kessel Escape: Sagwa, Qi’ra (Deputy Assistant Administrator), Kessel Guard with canon & DD-BD aminmech droid

Small Vehicles

  • Imperial Patrol Speeder with Patrol Trooper
  • Cloud-Rider Swoop #1 with Benthic (Two-Tubes)
  • Cloud-Rider Swoop #2 with Chussido (Rodian Marauder)

Large Vehicles

  • Moloch’s Truck Speeder with Moloch (with softgoods)
  • AT-Hauler with Rio (battle damaged)
  • TIE/rb with TIE Pilot Han (cutscene)


  • Corellia (White Worms/Streets/Imp Emigration) with Stormtrooper Officer

Agree, disagree, missing your favorite character? Let us know what you think on our social media pages and fingers-crossed Hasbro can fulfill some of these suggestions over the next year!

Until next time,
May the Figures be with you!