Yesterday, the results of our Hasbro Fan’s Choice Poll were tallied and submitted to Hasbro.  The results of our poll will be combined with the 18 or so other site’s participating and will be presented on Starwars.com for a final fan vote prior to this month’s San Diego Comic-Con.

This year’s results were very interesting as characters no longer a part of the official Star Wars universe dominated many of the polls.  We were not alone in experiencing Expanded Universe dominance.  Our partner on TOY RUN: The Star Wars Action Figure Cast, JediBusiness.com ended up with 3 of the top 4 nominations going to EU characters. Jeditemplearchives.com’s poll had Darth Talon taking the number one spot and over at Yakface.com EU favs Starkiller and Mara Jade earned spots in their top six nominations.

We assume since The Force Awakens is just 7 months old, fans have either not yet embraced it fully or believe Hasbro will eventually create the many characters still outstanding from the film as we received very few votes for TFA characters. And when thinking out outstanding characters, the prequels were virtually ignored as well in this year’s poll. Original Trilogy characters received votes but as one can see from our results below, it was characters from comics, novels and video games who received the most votes with the exception of Pheonix Leader from Star Wars Rebels, Hera.

1st – Starkiller

2nd – Jaina Solo

3rd – Hera Syndulla

4th – Mara Jade

5th – Darth Talon

6th – HK-47

Bringing back the now-defunct Expanded Universe has gained momentum over the last few years since Disney signed its death warrant in 2013 and it is clear that many of voters feel these characters should still see plastic form in the 6″ line.  It is important to note that all of these figures have been created in the 3 3/4″ line and the winner Starkiller many times over.
Look for more on this topic soon!