Happy Canada Day to all our friends to the North!


We thought we’d take this occasion to share this great little background about Star Wars’ own Rebel Canadian provided by our friend and proud Canadian Mike MacDonald:

A little known fact about the original Star Wars is that it features Canadian actor, Angus MacInnes, who has also appeared in Force 10 From Navarone, Witness, Strange Brew (w/ Doug and Bob MacKenzie!) and Hellboy. I thought I’d honour the Canada Day holiday on July 1 by doing a quick little mod to Gold Leader and his Y-Wing. After all, the Empire terrorized the galaxy, surely that reached as far as Earth. Dutch Vander, being a good Canadian and all-around nice guy (as most Canadians are) saw that he had a duty to help defeat the Empire. My only regret in Star Wars was that George Lucas decided to cut off the “eh” when Dutch says on Yavin, “What good are snub fighters going to be against that, eh?”

Gold Leader holds a special place in my collection not only because of the actor’s nationality but he is also from my hometown of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Oh yeah, my mother-in-law actually knew him as a youngster!!!!!

This is a story I posted on my blog that explains that part of the story:


I’ve also included a photo of the autographed picture he sent me after contacting him.

Angus MacInnes Gold Leader Photo
G’day eh? (That’s Canadian)


Thanks so much Mike for sharing this much overlooked fact and your awesome custom Gold Leader diorama! Make sure to follow Mike on his blog “Looking away to the Horizon” by clicking the pic below!

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