A big thanks to reader and TOY RUN listener Evan D for sending us information about where to find images of Hasbro’s upcoming  3 3/4″ U-Wing Starfighter.  This new starfigther will be featured in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story later this year and just made its public debut a few weeks ago. Like each of the larger vehicles coming to the spinoff film’s toy line, the U-Wing will include a Nerf dart feature.  It appears to also include a Cassian Andor action figure with blaster which is also a new reveal.

The French website’s description is rather generic and is as follows:


A new vehicle on the scene with the NERF strike force! A magnificent ship to ship your figurines and launch missiles.Nerve! Vehicle up figurines 10 cm.MEGA compatible with Nerf darts.

They only thing the description confirms is that this vehicle will be a part of the Class III vehicle line and will most likely retail for about $50. The design of the ship looks great but the size is more in line with vintage Kenner Star Wars vehicles as it is largely under scaled. The U-Wing is meant to the be a troop transport whereas this version appears to be a one-man fighter. Regardless of the size, we are happy this ship is coming to the action figure line and our fingers are crossed that it will be out on the Rogue One product launch date of September 30.

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