Our very own Jake Stevens is the focus of VintageStarWarsCollectors.com’s most recent “Collector Snapshot”. Christian aka “Bobbybob” is the brainchild behind the blog that not only, “celebrates the collectors themselves” but also injects lots of positivity and education into the hobby.  As stated in the interview, Jake and Christian met officially at Celebration Anaheim but have been online friends for a while and you can find VintageStarWarsCollectors.com featured on our Surfing the Holonet (Online Resources) page.

We want to thank Christian for the approaching From4-LOMtoZuckuss.com for a snapshot and encourage any vintage Kenner collectors our there who have yet to discover VintageStarWarsCollectors.com to stop what you are doing and head there now to discover some amazing action figure collections!

To check out Jake’s interview simply hit the link below:


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May the Figures be with you!