LCAFAs we head into the second half of the year (which will result in a new Star Wars film!!!!) we are sure Star Wars and its many collectibles will soon become more visible throughout all forms of media. To this end we will be keeping an eye on Star Wars-inclusive television and motion pictures in order to continue to add to our action figure filmography. Today we have a couple of updates to add to our Lights! Camera! Action (Figures)! database with one being so blatantly absent we found ourselves laughing quite a bit upon realizing its absence.

Thanks to our co-hosts from Galaxy of Toys Podcast Jason pointed out a slick silver custom Y-Wing in Critters and Ryan a Kenner Snowspeeder in Jurassic World. Trekkies surprisingly enough stars a handful of Kenner and Hasbro figures and ships. And finally our silly oversight was none other than Plastic Galaxy: The Story of Star Wars Toys which features a large number of some of our very close friends!

FullSizeRender (4)

And as always if you know of other appearances of Star Wars action figures in the media please let us know via our email at or our official Facebook or Twitter pages!

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May the Figures be with you!