We are happy to announce our third swag giveaway (technically our fourth if you include the Star Wars Space Club button set) for Star Wars 2017-04-02_1040Celebration Orlando!  Jake Stevens, a 17 year veteran of the Seattle Area Lucasfilm Artifacts Collector Club (SARLACC), will be giving away a vintage Kenner 4-LOM bottle cap at the convention. These action figure caps were designed by the talented Curt Hank who made the official announcement on the Star Wars Celebration Collecting Track Facebook page:

In keeping with the unintentional theme of bottle caps at Celebration this year, SARLACC is proud to present 18 different Action Figure Bottle Caps! Featuring a SARLACC “Coca-Cola-style” logo on the top, each cap has a different action figure on the inside. There will also be a limited number of these 11×17 display posters available at the Archive Party. This poster is an homage to the 1978 Japanese Coca-Cola promotion. Look for SARLACC members wearing a big, red SARLACC button. COLLECT THEM ALL!


The concept of Star Wars bottle caps is taken from the Coca-Cola’s 1978 Japanese campaign which also became the basis for the exclusive poster. For those not fluent in Aurebesh, the text reads “18 Different Figures Under Each Cap”.


Look for these to be handed out at the convention in the first few days and make sure to track down JediBusiness.com, StarGeek, Galaxy of Toys, Star Wars Collectors Archive’s Gus Lopez and many more for their cap as well.

Good luck and may the Figure Caps be with you!