One year ago this weekend 10s of 1,00os of Star Wars fans flocked to the Anaheim convention center for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. The official Lucasfilm/Disney convention played host to loads of Star Wars celebrities, movie and animated debuts, merchandise vendors and panels on every aspect of fandom. was there as a member of the Star Wars press and co-host on the Podcast Stage. With the next Celebration still a few months away in London, we thought we’d relive some of the highlights from the biggest Star Wars Celebration to date!


We packed our bags and headed from Seattle to Anahiem after work on Wednesday.


REBELS button promo

We brought along plenty of swag including a few different buttons.


april celebration 042

Jedi Luke, our buddy Jon and I decided to wait in live overnight to get into the main arena to see JJ and KK.


april celebration 052

We weren’t alone.


april celebration 026

We received visitors throughout the night like Ahmed Best (Jar Jar) and JTA (James Arnold Taylor aka Obi-Wan) and JJ and KK even sent pizza!


april celebration 059

Our buddy Criz Bee ( had a much better view than we did! #frontrow


april celebration 124

The crowd went crazy for the trailer and seeing the entire cast (sans Harrison) on stage.


april celebration 154

Hasbro gave a few first looks at some new figures like Vader and Ahsoka from Rebels.


april celebration 148

In addition to getting a 10-minute interview with Hasbro they showed us some of their great new figures.


april celebration 194

Ahsoka TBS made her debut first unpainted and then painted later on at the show.


april celebration 168

Sadly now TFA product was shown.


april celebration 263

But we did get to meet Dave Filoni at the Hasbro booth!


april celebration 178

Hey is that Hasbro wearing our swag buttons? You bet it is.


april celebration 372

The cosplay was killer! Even Sansweet appreciated these two.


april celebration 220

Phasma Trooper?


april celebration 205

Awesome Jawa being followed or stalked by Pablo Hidalgo.


april celebration 040

Don’t listen to Yoda, you are never too old to begin your training.



This little sweetie was a total parent win!


april celebration 443

This on the other hand…


april celebration 445

Freaking huge and awesome!


april celebration 034

Not everyone can pull this one off.


april celebration 373

Jaxxon has never looked so good!


april celebration 389

The “not so secret” room sales were a lot of fun.


april celebration 415

Met up with our friend Carlos from Star Wars Comic Books on FB to cover the Marvel panel.


april celebration 376

Took in the world premiere of Revenge of the Sith in 3D.


april celebration 339

Did a bit of patch trading.


april celebration 365

Got a good laugh from some of the prices at the show.


april celebration 366

But also had a few good cries. #stillmissingTVCAhsoka


april celebration 412

Tricked a Jedi Master. #nophotosplease


Also tricked a Sith Lord. So what are you if you fool both a Jedi and Sith? #iamsnoke

Also tricked a Sith Lord. So what are you if you fool both a Jedi and Sith? #iamsnoke


april celebration 355

Became a Rebel for a day.


april celebration 292

Watched the very cool Lost Missions arcs from The Clone Wars.


april celebration 283

Interviewed the Disney rep on info about the Disney Park exclusive Droid Factory build-a-droid line.


april celebration 231

Hooked up with Christian (aka BobbyBobs) from at the Archive Party.


Archive party button exclusive

We teamed up Tom for some exclusive exclusive pins.


april celebration 232

Most likely the best cosplay of the con.


april celebration 227 - Copy

Another standout at the Chive Cast party.


Podcasted live from the Podcast Stage with my brothers from Galaxy of Toy  Podcast (Jason Luttrull, Ryan Beise from Star Wars: Collecting Cosmos, Criz Bee and Tom Berges).

Podcasted live from the Podcast Stage with my brothers from Galaxy of Toy Podcast! Right to left: me, Ryan Beise, Jason Luttrull, Criz Bee and Tom Berges.


april celebration 337

Hung out in the Collectors Lounge and did some Scavenger Hunting.


april celebration 341

We didn’t win but our buddy Mark did!


april celebration 206

We bid of some Vader case art peices but were quickly outbid.


april celebration 440

Here’s one of our besties Tom Berges from doing the celebrity thing with his appearance in the documentary Plastic Galaxy: The Story of Star Wars Toys.


april celebration 385

Did a little vintage toy shopping.


april celebration 467

And a little modern on the show floor.


april celebration 267

Really wished this was in my price range.


april celebration 228

When the con was over I hooked up with my collecting club for one last adventure.


april celebration 716

What trip to Southern California would be complete without a visit to the Sarlacc Pit filming location with Gus Lopez and SARLACC (Seattle ARea Lucasfilm Collecting Club!



A few miles of dune walking gets you to Buttercup Valley previous home of the might Jabba’s Sail Barge.


It was a fantastic time and not only did we see and do so many cool things, there were some many things we were so busy doing we didn’t even capture an image of! In the end, we met a lot of great fellow collectors and fans and that was the best take away from the whole show.  We are looking forward to doing it all again next year for Celebration…Orlando perhaps?

Till next time,

May the Figures be with you!