Kenner Cameo Updates: Mini-Rigs & The Falcon

Welcome to another update to our Kenner Cameo Chronology.  At the Kenner Cameo Chronology, it is our goal to provide a guide for every time a Kenner (and sometimes Hasbro) concept or design has been showcased, outside of the action figure line, in Star Wars comics, publishing, animation, video games and so on.  Today we bring you three more entries that have all occurred within the last year.  – 2016 - MLC-3 This Kenner vehicle was featured in the comic story found within the Star Wars Rebels Magazine published by Egmont UK Ltd.  In issue 17, Kanan and Ezra attack a couple of AT-ATs while piloting the mini-rigs. Credit and thanks to Adam Giles AKA The Scavenger UK for the heads-up and images. The author [...]

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Director Thrawn – The Grand Admiral Variant

With the latest wave of Rogue One 3 3/4" figures hitting online etailers, there is now a new variant in the wild for those so inclined to pursue.  It appears the good Grand Admiral has the same ambition as Director Krennic as he can be found with two different ranks. Our TOY RUN co-host over at received the correctly ranked Grand Admiral where we received a version mimicking the doomed director of the Death Star project. We are assuming the correct version as seen on Star Wars Rebels is the second version, produced after our own which bears the date stamp of Friday, October 28th, 2016. We do find it interesting that the card art bears the incorrect rank as well as seen below.   Here you [...]

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16 Parallels Supreme Leader Snoke shares with…

Now before we begin, let the record show that we are completely fine with the possibility that Star Wars Rebel’s Ezra Bridger does not pan out to be the Supreme Leader of the First Order.  The point of this exercise is to point out the numerous similarities we have found these two characters have in common.  Now since their similarities have continued to increase since last month's debut of Season 3 of Rebels, we felt it was due time to make our full case.  And since the fate of Ezra nor the identity of Snoke has yet to be made known, this is entirely an exercise based on observable speculation.  The information covered in this theory stem from The Force Awakens film and novelization, Seasons 1-3 [...]

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SDCC 2016 Coverage

San Diego International Comic Con 2016 began as normal with their Preview Night on the night before the con.  During the event, Hasbro's Design Director Steve Evans posted a few enhancements to The Black Series line that were made over the last week since Star Wars Celebration Europe London. Hey buddy did ya do something with ya hair? #sdcc A photo posted by Steve Evans (@mrstevie18) on Jul 20, 2016 at 5:46pm PDT She's back... A photo posted by Steve Evans (@mrstevie18) on Jul 21, 2016 at 2:08pm PDT Both Han Solo and Princess Leia appear to have paint alterations from their appearances last week. Leia, of course, was highly critiqued during Celebration Europe and was actually pulled from Hasbro's display. Han's hair color was [...]

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New Pre-SDCC Reveals

With Hasbro's San Deigo Comic-Con Panel now just a few weeks away, the obtained an exclusive look of some of the Rebels, OT and The Force Awakens toys that will be available later this fall. All of the releases below feature the new Rogue One packaging which is set to debut at the still unconfirmed #ForceFriday date of September 30th, 2016. Rey (Jakku) Rey receives her fifth action figure version in the 3 3/4" scale and it varies from her previous Jakku releases by having her face exposed while wearing her helmet/head wraps.  It appears that the Build-A-Weapon feature that ran through the entire The Force Awakens line has been abandoned if favor of an EU weapon that fires a projectile.       Hera Syndulla's A-Wing [...]

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Added 12″ Articulation

It appears that Hasbro has begun to increase the points of articulation in their 12" line of figures.  Previously, the line has featured only 4-6 points but the lastest release of The Fifth Brother Inquisitor has added ball-joints to the arms to potentially compete with the other 12" lines from Mattel which feature similarly priced figures but with more articulation.  Time will tell if this will bleed over into the 3 3/4" line. Until next time, May the Figures be with you!  

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37 Years of Imperial Troop Transport History & Restoration

Our friends over at RetroBlasting have released their latest vintage Kenner Star Wars vehicle restoration video which focuses on one of the toy line's very first Expanded Universe creations, the Imperial Troop Transport. Originally released in 1979, the ITT included an electric internal mini-record which played six "original Star Wars sounds" upon pressing the six orange button surrounding the cannon.  This feature tends to break down over time and for those wanting to hear R2-D2 Beeps, Stormtrooper stun blasts and the ITT's engine will want to pay close attention to this restoration. ITT Restoration Part 2 Now what makes this restoration project even of greater significance is that the specific vehicle undergoing the knife held by Michael's very capable hands belongs to our good friend and [...]

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Celebration Anaheim Memory Photo Album

One year ago this weekend 10s of 1,00os of Star Wars fans flocked to the Anaheim convention center for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. The official Lucasfilm/Disney convention played host to loads of Star Wars celebrities, movie and animated debuts, merchandise vendors and panels on every aspect of fandom. was there as a member of the Star Wars press and co-host on the Podcast Stage. With the next Celebration still a few months away in London, we thought we'd relive some of the highlights from the biggest Star Wars Celebration to date! We packed our bags and headed from Seattle to Anahiem after work on Wednesday.   We brought along plenty of swag including a few different buttons.   Jedi [...]

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TOY RUN Episode IV: Rebels Season 2 & Curto (Part) Too

Star Wars Rebels takes the spotlight in this week’s episode of TOY RUN! Join Criz and Jake as they provide an overview of the Rebels figure lines released to date, discuss listener feedback concerning a rumored $300 Hasbro release and provide this week’s toy rundown of the news. All this and the second half of their interview with all-around Star Wars action figure aficionado, Dan Curto. All episodes are available for free download on iTunes, Stitcher, The Zune Network and! Show Notes John Caliber’s Toyscapes - A series of photostories framed around the use of Hasbro Star Wars toys from all eras. Looking for Star Wars action figures? Of course you are, so make sure to check out our sponsor for some of [...]

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Rebels Season 2 Ends and So Does…???

Tonight sees the end of Star Wars Rebels - Season 2 with the two-part episode entitled "Twilight of the Apprentice". Now from the looks of the episode and some the foreshadowing that has taken place in prior shows, this episode could very well see the death (or deaths) of some major characters from the show.  Darth Maul, Ahsoka, The Inquisitors and Kanan all have the real possibility of meeting their fate. With Maul appearing to mentor Ezra, who already has shown a Dark Side connection, a double dose of Master and Apprentice could take place. With a potential Ezra vs. Kanan and Vader vs. Ahsoka, there's only one character out of the four we know has to survive. Things are sure to be tense this episode [...]

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