1977 Star Wars (Action Figure Checklist)

From 4-LOM to Zuckuss presents the first in a new series of Action Figure Checklists.  This checklist represents one-of-everything Kenner originally intended for retail within its Star Wars action figure line; which was launched in 1977 with their Early Bird Mail-Away offer. The following is the basis for our Retail Checklists: This list does not include any loose variants, package variants or items from Kenner's international affiliates such as Palitoy, Glasslite, Lili Ledy and the like. Each toy will be broken down into the following 8 categories, when applicable: Basic Figures, Deluxe Figures, Multipacks, Creatures, Vehicles, Playsets, Accessories and Mail-Aways. All names/descriptions listed are taken from the toy's packaging upon its initial release. All figures, creatures and vehicles available with that item will be listed. Unless individually numbered, [...]

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