Welcome to Day 4 of my Birthday Scavenger Hunt! Before we begin my walk down memory lane, make sure you are familiar with the rules about how to play and enter to win.

As you can see, I hit the lotto as a kid when it comes to parents. They not only nurtured my interests and passions but also provided memorable holidays and birthdays for me throughout my entire youth. This particular birthday can really only be explained with a series of ‘yes’ statements.

  • Yes, Darth Vader and Princess Leia came to my birthday party.
  • Yes, they told me they parked the Falcon in the dairy field behind our neighborhood.
  • Yes, I was so petrified of Vader, I couldn’t even really look in his direction.
  • Yes, that is a tape recorder strapped to his chest playing a tape of breathing sound effects.
  • Yes, they were hired from a newspaper ad in the local paper.
  • Yes, more than one of my friends in attendance proclaimed their love for the Princess.
  • Yes, they brought me a Star Wars Play-Doh set which I still have.
  • And yes, I have no idea why I’m wearing a red cowboy hat.

Now for today’s hunt make sure to use the following clue to find where the image below can be found here on From4-LOMtoZuckuss.com.

Hasbro, like Kenner before them, has always been great at advertising their products in various ways and on their numerous networks.


When Star Wars action figures returned to store shelves in 1995, I was in love from the start. I spent what little college money I had tracking down each new release. Looking for Power of the Force 2 figures was my sole motivation for applying to work at Toys ‘R’ Us in 1997. There was no employee discount back then, the perk of working there was getting first dibs at whatever came off of the truck that week. The Freeze Frame series was out when I began working at TRU and again due to being on a limited college budget, I only could afford to collect new figures and didn’t purchase the repacks. While this saved me money, I did end up buying loads of other lines, such as Micro Machines, Epic Force figures and Star Wars Buddies. I now have a lot of nostalgia for the POTF2 line in all its buff glory. It truly was a product of the mid-90’s and receives too much criticism in my opinion. So entering the prize box today is a carded 4-LOM figure and a Figrin D’an and Jawa Buddies plush figures.


Once again, good luck to all who play and thanks again for joining in the birthday fun with me!

May the Figures be with you,