Welcome to Day 3 of my birthday celebration scavenger hunt. And once again, if you are just joining us, make sure to skim off over the rules of play and how to enter Little Jake’s Birthday Scavenger Hunt before proceeding.

Today I’ll take you back you to 1983 for my 7th birthday. As obvious from today’s image, my family and specifically, my Mother, was and is still all about holidays. By the time my birthday came around on the 10th, the house was always already prepped for Turkey Day. Granted, I say this as I write this on the fourth of November while having just brought in the Fall/Thanksgiving boxes for my wife to decorate the mantle. While this birthday image does not ooze with Star Wars like those before, you can clearly see Return of the Jedi Dixie cups were in play for both refreshments and as gift “cups” for guests.

Seeing Return of the Jedi in the theaters in ’83 is a very fond memory for me as listeners of Galaxy of Toys and TOY RUN have heard me tell the story of how my Dad left work at lunch to get tickets for opening day and ended up having a fender-bender in this Thunderbird. Then, following seeing the movie, we went to Toys ‘R’ Us (R.I.P.) to check out the toys where I educated all of the fellow children in the Star Wars aisle about the adventures I had just seen at the movies. Nineteen-eighty-three was a great year for me as I got a lot of ROTJ toys for both my birthday and Christmas. So in summary, ’83 rocked and now on with the hunt. Use the following clue to find where the image below can be found here on From4-LOMtoZuckuss.com.

Speaking of 1983, check out the page that sheds some light on that year as the Millenium Falcon was on camera and saw some subtle action on the small screen.


Today another Black Series figure is added to the prize box. This 6″ Snowtrooper, which was provided by Hasbro, was released in late November 2016. This figure comes with multiple weapons and as a Luke 6″ collector, had he actually interacted with Snowtroopers on Hoth, I would not be able to part with this well-sculpted figure. I spent a lot of time playing with the various action figure and Micro Collection Hoth playsets growing up. Although, even as a kid I never understood why Kenner named the main Hoth playset “Imperial Attack Base”. It had loads of play value but I preferred the Micro Collection sets in ’82. I also struggled with the size of the Kenner rifle as it was nearly as tall as the actual figure. This figure is clearly more accurate and will be a great troop builder for the lucky winner.


Once again, good luck to all who play and thanks for joining in the birthday fun with me!

May the Figures be with you,