This past week briefly placed up for pre-order a handful of Rogue One action figure products.  Most notably among them was the Rogue One AT-ACT for $279.99. And while Hasbro has stated there would be no vehicle at the $300 range, it appears there will be one just shy of it.  Now this latest version of an AT vehicle includes brand new, never-before-seen features such as walking-action and smart phone interactivity but does that justify the enormous cost, especially for a child’s toy?


In order to examine this price jump more thoroughly we have graphed the cost of each four-legged AT (All Terrain) vehicle released since 1981 and adjusted that price for inflation to see what it would cost in 2016.  As seen above, no prior release comes remotely close to the cost of the AT-ACT (All Terrain Armored Cargo Transport) coming this Fall.

Whether it is due to the integration of advanced smart phone technology, the rise in cost of labor and materials or the technical engineering of making a toy roughly the size of the vintage AT-AT walk, one things for sure and that is we are getting the most expensive toy ever released in the modern and vintage action figure lines.

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