As the year 2020 comes to an end, just like Grogu’s journey, for many it has been full of ups and downs. May 2021 bring you peace, knowledge, serenity, and harmony.

We were thankful for The Mandalorian Season 2 as this year was pretty sparse in terms of the normal blockbuster, superhero and sci-fi fare we enjoy. Plus, this was the first year since 2015 which hasn’t produced a new Star Wars film.

We are thankful for the announcement of the vast amount of Star Wars content coming in the next five years and can’t wait to explore it all with you in our collections. And our expectations are high for the next adventure to drop in 2021, The Book of Boba Fett. But that pales in comparison to our excitement about the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series! Our Kenobi focus collecting will have some serious decisions to make when the merch for that Disney+ series begins to drop in 2022.

We are thankful for the new friends we made this year over at the Plastic Crack Documentary and Yes Have Some! Make sure to check out The Geoffreys 2020 for lots of action figure fun! Plus you never know who might make an appearance!

We are thankful to the passionate fans who keep the action figure hobby alive with their photography, reviews, buy/sell groups, toy shows, collecting clubs, and videos. And while 2020 saw the end of 5POA figures it also introduced new lines like The Bounty Collection, Mission Fleet, and value 9″ figures.  Now time will tell if any of those will develop a following, but one thing is clear, collectors and fans hunger for more 3 3/4″ offerings in the future. And with a strong support for the Razor Crest (RIP) we are hopeful the tides will change later in 2021 and collectors will be provided more selection in the heritage scale.

And finally, we are thankful for you all, the readers and followers who have made these eight years of collecting, educating, podcasting, and sharing action collecting a fun adventure!

Have a great 2021 as This is the Way!