Following a similar timeline of the past few years, since Disney started producing Holiday-themed Astromech droids in their park exclusive Droid Factory line, August has been the release month for their Halloween-themed droid. This year, BB-BOO20 (BB for the type of droid, BOO for Halloween and 20 for the year) joins the ever-growing list of buid-a-droids Disney has produced over the years.

While we have yet to see the back of the card which typically gives a sentence or so of background about each droid, this one appears to be on Pasaana by the look of the front of the card.

For a look at each and every Disney Droid Factory Build-a-Droid released to date, make sure to check out our visual guide here!

Thanks to Jayson at for the heads up! Our droid should be here on Tuesday so look for a visual guide update next week. We are still working on the four versions of The Rise of Resistance vehicle sets for the database. With the parks being closed for a few months due to the pandemic, it made obtaining these large sets more of a challenge. Plus we were also expecting to be in Anaheim in August for Star Wars Celebration but of course, those plans were now delayed two years. With the parks reopening now, we’ll look to pursing them more seriously once the one-two punch of Target’s exclusive Galaxy’s Edge merchandise drop later next month and an impending HasLab announcement for The Vintage Collection has been delivered.

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