2020’s Disney Disney Droid Factory Droid

Following a similar timeline of the past few years, since Disney started producing Holiday-themed Astromech droids in their park exclusive Droid Factory line, August has been the release month for their Halloween-themed droid. This year, BB-BOO20 (BB for the type of droid, BOO for Halloween and 20 for the year) joins the ever-growing list of buid-a-droids Disney has produced over the years. While we have yet to see the back of the card which typically gives a sentence or so of background about each droid, this one appears to be on Pasaana by the look of the front of the card. For a look at each and every Disney Droid Factory Build-a-Droid released to date, make sure to check out our visual guide here! [...]

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The Sandcrawler Episode #96 – Summertime Collecting Blues

The Sandcrawler Podcast returns for the mid-Summer action figure therapy you need to get you through the dog days! Join Mac, Dan and Jake as they break down the Hasbro releases and announcements from the past month! It has been AWHILE! We’re back after a lengthy break and there is a ton of Star Wars collecting news to catch up on. This week’s show notes are a necessity so be sure to click on the links below to keep up! Seattle Krakens join NHL (not Star Wars, we know) Star Wars movies pushed back in release schedule In “I Wanted Everything” Jake picks up the first wave of the kid-focused Mission Fleet, Dan adds to his Power of the Force collection including an awesome [...]

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Galaxy’s Edge Target Exclusive Hasbro Press Release

UPDATE 7/23/2020 -  Great News! It appears that the frustration seen across the internet from fans, sites and collectors about the issues with Target's Galaxy's Edge (and GI Joe Classified) pre-orders, Hasbro and Target have agreed to open the Smuggler's Run Falcon back up for orders this Friday! We received the update from Hasbro this morning: The Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Galaxy’s Edge Millennium Falcon Smuggler’s Run Vehicle will be available again for pre-order starting tomorrow, 7/24, at 10AM EST in limited quantities at Target. Following the pre-sale or shall we say pre-sale-outs of the Target exclusive Galaxy's Edge merchandise, we were provided with the official press images and information by Hasbro. These images give us a better look at what is new and not new about the [...]

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Target’s Exclusive Galaxy’s Edge Merch

In the wee hours of the morning, Starwars.com released an announcement about Galaxy's Edge-themed merchandise coming to Target stores on August 30th. These exclusives include three different Hasbro items consisting of two 6" figures and one very large 3 3/4" vehicle. Rumored for many months now, Captain Cardinal and DJ-R3X will be joining The Black Series and after years of speculation and requests, the BMF aka the Legacy Falcon will be re-released with some upgrades to reflect the version found in the Disney Parks. As exciting as these sets are, the hype surrounding them quickly faded as many fans and collectors (mostly on the West Coast) were left a bit stunned as these items became available for pre-sale at 6 AM PST and sold-out [...]

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Hasbro Pulse Exclusives Press Release

This morning Hasbro through a handful of media partners announced three new sets that will be available for collectors in September. Screenrant announced a 6" Kenner-inspired addition to The Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary Collection line, The Wampa. This set is the first of its kind as it features Black Series action figures on the packaging to truly mimic the vintage Kenner release. Typically Black Series figures either use the black line art of Gregory Titus or the vintage card back images. The next release came via Cnet.com who debuted the lastest Special Action Figure Set for The Vintage Collection. This Clone Wars based three-pack includes members of the 501st Legion, Echo, Jesse and Fives. Each of these figures was featured extensively throughout The [...]

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Begun The Clone Wars Black Series Has

This morning approximately 40 minutes prior to their 7 AM release time, Wal*Mart made available yesterday's announced Clone Wars wave of The Black Series. If you missed the exclusive announcement yesterday by iO9, the wave consists of characters from the final season of The Clones Wars released earlier this year. The figures above are centered around The Seige of Mandalore arc which ended the series. Ahsoka Tano 332nd Ahsoka's Clone Trooper Mandalore Loyalist Mandalorian Super Commando The wave is set to launch in November and while the pre-sales were exclusive to Wal*Mart, the release of this line will include other retailers in the Fall. As of this reporting, 12 hours after launch, only the Mandalore Loyalist is still in stock [...]

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HasLab Sentinel Funds in 26 Hours!

In just under 26 hours, Hasbro's latest HasLab funded completely. The Marvel Legends collectors showed up in strides when it came to backing the $350 Sentinel which stands at 26" tall. The figure was limited to just five per person. Its body a towering, technological marvel, the Sentinel scans the world for its quarry, a searching light emanating from its chest, its glowing eyes a warning… and a threat. Programmed with only one objective, to destroy all mutant life on Earth, the Sentinel will not hesitate, will not falter, and will never ever stop hunting. Rising from the pages of Marvel comics, appearing in everything from cartoons to movies to video games, the Sentinel is as a monumental part of Marvel lore, an iconic [...]

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New 9.5″ Figure Line Found

Back in March, our friends at Yakface.com posted glam shots of a new 9.5" figure line. These figures feature very limited articulation and retail for around $10. Thanks to our good friend Paul Van Dyk, we can now confirm this line has been found at retail. At first glance, while they appear to be similar to the Value line of the recent past, these are actually new sculpts. Each figure appears to include a single accessory and has three points of articulation (3POA). Thanks to Paul we have scale comparison shot with a Hot Wheels Boba van: These were found in a Canadian grocery store so we can assume these will appear at deep-discount retailers like Big Lots, Dollar General and TJ Maxx here in [...]

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#RetroRedo Challenge Winner

We have just returned from traveling in time to announce the winner of our #RetroRedo Challenge where we asked fans to recreate their own version of the Hoth Ice Planet Adventure Game which was recently released as part of the Kenner Retro Collection. We are thankful to all who participated and wanted to highlight a few of our favorites. Jayson (Yakface.com)  Jayson's version severed as a great example image for the challenge! Adam (@TheJackSack) Adam really knocked this one out of the part but not only coming up with a fantastic concept which we all wish Hasbro would do but also designed the front and back of the package! GonkToys  GonkToys.com who make fantastic stands, displays acrylics and merch for vintage action figures, went with [...]

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