Galaxy of Toys Episode 86: New York Toy Fair 2020

With Toy Fair now a week behind us, the hosts of Galaxy of Toys Podcast breakdown the Star Wars reveals and announcements made at the annual toy event in New York City. Lots of great information and knowledge can be found when you combine Galaxy of Toys, Yakface, MrByZ Reviews, This Week in Star Wars, and a Royal Guard completist (From4-LOMtoZuckuss was helping in-laws move). Tune in and let us know your thoughts of the reveals. On this episode we discuss the latest reveals from Hasbro's Star Wars line at the 2020 New York Toy Fair.  We give our thoughts on new figures from The Black Series, The Vintage Collection, Retro Collection, Galaxy of Adventure and more.  We are once again joined by Jayson from [...]

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Thanks to our friends at Disney PR we have received images from a press event showcase that took place today at the Dream Hotel in New York, New York. The event was focused on showing off product fans can look forward to collecting, wearing and owning later this year that is based on the two Disney+ series; The Mandalorian and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. There was tons of product shown at the event which was attended by Disney executives and Andy Carboni from The Star Wars Show. We combed through the images to feature products produced by Hasbro which can be found throughout the official press release below. FANS CAN CELEBRATE STAR WARS™ ALL YEAR LONG WITH NEW MERCHANDISE REVEALED AHEAD OF NEW YORK TOY [...]

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Pre-Toy Fair 2020 Star Wars New Products Press Release

Today has been chock full of reveals and New York Toy Fair has yet to even begin. This morning we had the Mission Fleet reveal, which earlier today we pointed out the similarity to Hasbro's canceled AMP'D line of 2012 and then there was an exclusive press release in which many of the items below were revealed along with many others and now we have the official press release from Hasbro about some of the items that tie into both The Mandalorian and The Clone Wars which returns tomorrow! (HASBRO/Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $59.99/Available: Fall 2020) From HASBRO’S STAR WARS Collection comes THE CHILD ANIMATRONIC EDITION toy with sounds and motorized sequences! He may look like “BABY YODA,” but this lovable creature [...]

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Hasbro’s AMP’D Line Remembered

Now before we begin our 2020 coverage of New York Toy Fair with a deluge of press releases, reveals, photos and live-streams, we'd like to take a moment to remember the line you forgot about but one Hasbro did not. Back in 2012, when Star Wars was starting to decrease their 3 3/4" Star Wars output, they put forth at New York Toy Fair a line of Star Wars figures and vehicles, in a new smaller scale, that could be rebuilt to form new and customizable vehicles. The series, called Star Wars AMP'D, was a fully realized line that catered to price points of $7 to $40 dollars and included 2.5"ish figures. Now with the reveal of the new Mission Fleet series this morning on IO9's [...]

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New Hasbro Star Wars Surprise Eggs

Picture Courtesy of Galaxy of Toys Our friend and host of the Galaxy of Toys Podcast Jason Luttrull has discovered a new Hasbro Star Wars action figure item on the market. Found at his local QFC grocery store, Luttrull discovered a slightly larger than a football-sized egg which according to the fine print included, "6 figures and 1 mini-comic". Picture Courtesy of Galaxy of Toys Upon purchasing the egg, he found it to include two Galaxy of Adventures 3 3/4" figures, two 3 3/4" The Last Jedi era figures and one Micro Force Series 3 blind pack (which includes 2 figurines). Picture Courtesy of Galaxy of Toys The mini-comic reference refers no doubt to the ones packed into the [...]

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Another Disney Droid Factory Update

We have updated our Disney's Droid Factory Build-a-Droid Guide to include the most recent Droid Factor releases. Added to the database are last October's The Rise of Skywalker 4-pack, November's Holiday droid and December/January's The Rise of Resistance vehicle set. We have added the part-breakdowns for all of the sets and added images for the first two. We hope to have all four versions of the new vehicle set in April when our main Disney operative Agent Curtis heads to WDW. But in the meantime, enjoy the update by clicking the pic below and we'll make sure to update it as new sets and/or information is received/released.  

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12″ Boba joins Lights! Camera! Action (Figures)!

A huge thanks to our friend and resident '80s movie expert Dan Geister as he has passed on our lastest update to our Lights! Camera! Action (Figures)! entry. In the 1983 film, High School U.S.A., Michael J. Fox is a high schooler who wants to date a popular girl. As you can see from the image above, Kenner's 12" Large Action Figure Boba Fett makes a cameo sitting about a desk. List Boba Fett was first released in 1979 prior to his film debut in May of 1980. He was then re-released in 1980 in The Empire Strikes Back packaging once the film was released. For more appearances of Star Wars action figures in films and television, check out our Lights! Camera! Action (Figures)! in [...]

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A Little Reveal by Zorii Bliss

Hasbro yesterday as little Valentine's Day reveal showed off a new feature with the upcoming Zorii Bliss figure. The Black Series figure which is set to ship from Hasbro Pulse next month will include a removable visor to allow her to have her heart-to-heart with Poe. This figure is being released much later than her 3 3/4" figure and is one of the few figures from The Rise of Skywalker left that have been announced from Episode IX. We hope more figures can join her from the final chapter but according to Hasbro's Investor's call last week, they have yet to renew their Star Wars license which expires this year so things may be slow with announcements until then. View this post on Instagram Attention #StarWars [...]

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The ITT Comes to TVC

We are beyond excited about today's news (and long time rumor) that the Imperial Troop Transport as featured in The Mandalorian Disney+ series will be coming to The Vintage Collection in March. The detail presented on this toy is outstanding and much like the Imperial Assualt Tank, it will be a piece not to miss. It can currently be preordered for $69.99 as most e-tailers. See below for links! This will be the second vehicle in the line to be based on the hit television series. We can't help but notice the downed TIE Fighter on the package and while we are sure it is just a custom version of a previous release, we'd sure love to have Moff Gideon's version seen in the final [...]

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