Vintage Kenner Figures in Toy Story 4

This past weekend, Toy Story 4 made its debut and so did the animated versions of two of our favorite vintage Kenner action figures! As we discussed earlier this year, Walrus Man and Ben "Obi-Wan" Kenobi from 1978 are featured in the latest addition to the Toy Story franchise. SPOILER WARNING: While their appearance is very brief it is reminiscent of their encounter in the Mos Eisley Cantina. When Woody enlists his old sweetheart Bo in a mission to recover his Bonnie's new "toy" Forky, they visit a pinball machine which acts like a speakeasy club for lost toys. On their way to recruit Duke Kaboom they past a dismembered Zebra plush who sits next to Old Ben and Panda Boba reenacting their first interaction. In [...]

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Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2020

UPDATE:  All 4-Day pass sold out in about an hour! Star Wars fever is high! Even though Star Wars Celebration Anaheim is 432 days away, tickets for the Star Wars mega-con went on sale this morning. Most were in queue for longer than usual which reinforces the ideas that despite what some about Disney's take over of the franchise, Star Wars is as popular as ever with fans! So popular that according to the LA Times, 65,000 fans attended Celebration this past April in Chicago. After 41 minutes in a virtual queue (with a student assigned each period to watch my computer as it is the last day of school) we were able to make our purchase. In shock to no one, the $900 Jedi Master [...]

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Your Star Wars Guide for Washington State Summer Con 2019

Welcome to our Your Star Wars Guide to Washington State Summer Con! Our goal here is to set you up for having the most Star Wars-infused con experience possible!  Washington State Summer Con, which debuted last year under the name of Washington State Toy & Geek Fest, has raised the convention bar when it comes to movie and comic talent in the Pacific Northwest and especially if you are a Star Wars fan! They have loads of attractions for both young, old, casual and hardcore Star Wars fans! Here is where Star Wars fans can make sure they do not miss out on all the Star Wars fun the show has to offer. Now before heading to the convention make sure to head over the website where you [...]

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The Vintage Collection Archive Edition Book Press Release

We were beyond thrilled to receive the following Press Release from Blue Milk about the Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Archive Edition book in the email this morning! This book, which we backed instantly, is a visual archive for the immensely popular Vintage Collection action figure line and it is being produced by some of the very top and knowledgeable collectors/creators in the hobby! This makes December twice as fun but enough from us, go to Kickstarter and show your support! PROVIDENCE, R.I. – June 7, 2019 – Today, Blue Milk LLC launches Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Archive Edition book on crowd-funding site Kickstarter. Starting from $50 for early bird backers, the Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Archive Edition is a comprehensive historical manuscript and detailed [...]

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Still Celebrating Episode One

Before May slips away we are still having fun in our remembrances and nostalgia of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Our fun has been even more hyped with a special delivery from the Episode One hype-man himself, Monoah Crane! This beautiful patch captures perfectly the design and spirit of the mega-advertising campaign of the late '90s. We want to give our sincerest thanks to Monoah for this wonderful work of art. We are also very thankful to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Episode 1 with our special delivery from our friends at Hasbro as they delivered the Star Wars Celebration Chicago exclusives to us while we were at the show. These 6" replicas of the original Hasbro figures turned out to be extremely popular both at the [...]

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