Galaxy of Adventures Press Release & Images

Hasbro, once again in coordination with Lucasfilm, has sent to us a press release and images of the new Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures figures which we provided a first look at earlier this week. Included are images and info about Wave Two which we correctly predicted will be released closer to Easter in the Spring. The Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures shorts (in which these figures are inspired from) debuted this morning on the new Star Wars Kids YouTube channel. You can watch all of the shorts here: You can also see all of the additional Fun Facts episodes here: Hasbro's press release provided to us is as follows: STAR WARS GALAXY OF ADVENTURE STAR WARS fans new and old can discover the exciting action from a galaxy [...]

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Micro Force WOW! – Press Release

Hasbro's squishy-miniature line of figures continues this holiday season with a series of blind packaged tubes, entitled Micro Force WOW! In what is sure to be a hit for Wal*Mart shoppers looking for stocking stuffers, this line will cease being a Wal*Mart exclusive in the new year. This latest wave of Micro Force includes Star Wars stickers and the very first Star Wars: Resistance merchandise by Hasbro and just about any manufacturer. Pictured on the side of the box is both the pirate captain Kragen Gorr and the Astromech R1-J5 aka "Bucket". One the same day of this press release, our friend and fellow podcaster from This Week in Star Wars and Galaxy of Toys Podcast, Matt Fox found them at his local Wal*Mart on the [...]

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First Look – Galaxy of Adventures Figures

Hot on the heels of this morning's announcement, Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures figures have been found at Wal*Mart stores across the country. Galaxy of Adventures is a series of animated shorts based off of audio from the Star Wars motion pictures. The first six shorts are set to debut this Friday, November 30th, on the new Star Wars Kids YouTube channel. Thanks to our friends at, we were successful with an after work toy run to our local Wal*Mart. The figures are not being stocked in the toy aisles but instead in shippers or PDQs at the end of the toy aisles. Clearly designed to be a stocking stuffer this holiday season, these figures come packaged in a plastic tube, retail for just under $10 [...]

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The Christmas Chronicles & SNL Figure Appearances

With the Christmas season now underway comes the potential of new Star Wars action figures appearances in films and on television. Whether it is under the tree like Mork, or in the background of a department store like in Cagney and Lacey (still can not track down the image again) or in a jail cell which Santa is trying to escape, 'tis the season for more Lights! Camera! Action (Figures)! appearances. This week we'll add a number of updates to our database but today we will start with two. This past week, Netflix released their much advertised The Christmas Chronicles starring Kurt Russell and if you have yet to watch the film, know that some mild spoilers are ahead. In the film, Santa Claus ends up [...]

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TOY RUN Episode 134 – Black Friday 2018

Just when you are about to go into a food coma after feasting on too much turkey, pop-in the latest news-filled episode of your favorite Star Wars collecting podcast! Listen to Criz Bee and Jake Stevens break-down Black Friday ads, website listings and store reports of Star Wars action figures. The hosts also talk about Dewback balls, Geoffrey's Toy Box and deals at discount stores. Listen now and please leave us a review on iTunes! We’d love to hear from you! Now you can call the TOY RUN Hotline at (971) 231-9307 to share your Star Wars finds, questions and action figure stories with the rest of the T.R. Nation! You can join the TOY RUN community on our Facebook page for the latest on Star Wars [...]

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Happy 40th to The Star Wars Holiday Special!

If there is one thing we are proudly guilty of here at, it is loving the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special! So to celebrate its fortieth trip around the sun, we thought we'd look back at our own coverage of the "amazing" 70's variety show. We'll begin with the star-studded episode of Galaxy of Toys created to celebrate the 35th Anniversary! Celebrating Life Day with Galaxy of Toys Podcast Over the years, we've tried our meager hand at customizing a vintage Life Day Chewie. And finally, we leave with our true passion for the Holiday Special, a breakdown of the show and how to celebrate it with action figures. This was originally published for the 35th anniversary and five years later it is sad [...]

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TOY RUN Episode 133: News, Reviews & the Disney Sandcrawler

What's out on store shelves? How good is the brand new Disney Sandcrawler really? Is it worth getting the Vandor-1 4-pack? All those questions will be answered on this news-filled episode of Toy Run - The Star Wars Action Figure Cast! Listen now, leave a review and subscribe! Want more? For additional images of the Disney Parks Droid Factory Sandcrawler and for a complete Disney BAD Droid Factory Database! We’d love to hear from you! Now you can call the TOY RUN Hotline at (971) 231-9307 to share your Star Wars finds, questions and action figure stories with the rest of the T.R. Nation! You can join the TOY RUN community on our Facebook page for the latest on Star Wars action figure news at An archive of [...]

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The Mystery of DL-X2

The Background During the Power of the Jedi line in 2002, Hasbro began creating action figure exclusives for the Disney Parks's Star Tours ride. Each figure was based on an actual droid from one of the four Star Tours locations. Wave 1 consisted of three droids: G2-4T, R3-D3 and RX-24 "Rex". These figures were released on Power of the Jedi cardbacks. They were followed by a second wave of figures also in 2002 which included: DL-X2, R4-M9, and WEG-1618. These figures still bore the POTJ cardback. As Attack of the Clones debuted in May of '02, Hasbro transitioned all of their packaging designs over to a generic blue Star Wars cardback which has now come to be known as the "Saga" line. In 2004, Hasbro [...]

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Birthday Scavenger Hunt – And the winner is…

A huge thanks to all who participated in my Birthday Scavenger Hunt! The following winner was randomly selected from a numbered list of qualified entries which was chosen from an online number randomizer. Congratulations Brian Allan Hobbs! I'll be sending you an email shortly to follow-up with your details on where to send your newly won loot below! This prize box has a retail value worth of over $200! Thank you again to all that played along and now back to proper action figure passion here at! May the Figures be with you!

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Birthday Scavenger Hunt – Day 7: The Rec Room & The Final 4 Figures

Welcome to the final entry in my Birthday Scavenger Hunt! Here's your final reminder to make sure to look over the details on how to play and enter to win all of the toys in the prize box by visiting Day 1’s entry. My family's rec room was a place of great joy for my sister and I growing up. The classic faux wood-paneled room hosted parties, holidays and countless hours of play. Here you can see that behind the present opening from my Transformers birthday (seen on Day 5) the room also acted as an on display toy box. I seem to always prattle on about how much I loved the Micro Collection growing up and here it is on display on the top shelf, a place [...]

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