SOLO Product Reveal Press Release

Hasbro has reached out to us about all the reveals that were made this weekend. ·         The Black Series Deluxe Enfys Nest Swoop Bike Vehicle was revealed on Hasbro Pulse by the Hasbro Black Series Unboxing Contest Winner and the Hasbro Star Wars Brand and Design Team. This item is currently available for pre-order on Amazon. ·         The remaining Hasbro Enfys Nest figures and vehicles including, Class A Vehicle Enfys Nest with Swoop Bike, Micro Force Enfys Nest Figure, and Galactic Heroes Smugglers and Scoundrels Pack were revealed on Nerdist this morning. ·         In addition, you may have already seen Phoebe Waller-Bridge (L3-37) revealed her Black Series figure on The Star Wars Show, and Thandie Newton (Val) revealed her Black Series figure on Twitter. We also received the following Press Release: SOLO: STAR WARS STORY PRODUCT REVEALS STAR WARS: THE BLACK SERIES DELUXE ENFYS NEST’S [...]

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Hasbro’s Unboxing Content Winner

Last month Hasbro ran a competition on Instagram for one lucky fan to unveil and brand new The Black Series item. On May 24th, they released the winning submission. And the winner is… #Repost @scherzoforjango! Check back for the unboxing video and a NEW reveal tomorrow! #hasbroblackseriesunboxingcontest A post shared by Hasbro Pulse (@hasbropulse) on May 24, 2018 at 10:11am PDT Then on May 25th, a date which was holds many Star Wars anniversaries, they debuted the latest Black Series item with the help of Brian aka @scherzoforjango. Check out @scherzoforjango revealing our brand new STAR WARS: THE BLACK SERIES DELUXE ENFYS NEST’S SWOOP BIKE VEHICLE. Congrats on the win and thanks to all the fans who entered! A post shared by Hasbro Pulse (@hasbropulse) [...]

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SOLO: A Star Wars Story Tonight!

The day we have been waiting for is here, Solo: A Star Wars Story debuts in theaters! We wish you all a great time tonight seeing how our favorite smuggler begins his lifelong partnership with our favorite Wookiee! And here's to a holiday weekend full of recreating movie accurate dioramas, reading the visual guide, listening to the soundtrack, pouring over the Art Of book, toy running for that missing figure and making lists of all the figures we now want Hasbro to make! For a complete checklist and guide for all Solo-related figures check out our SOLO: A COLLECTING GUIDE. Have fun this weekend and may the Figures be with you!

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SOLO Figs Making the Rounds on TV

Today on The Star Wars Show, the latest Black Series figure made her debut. Lando's droid L3-37 was presented to actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge by host Anthony Carboni. This appearance is the second unannounced Black Series figure in as many weeks as during this press junket, Enfys Nest appeared on display in Pasadena. Genuine Star Wars artifacts! #soloastarwarsstory #junketlife #starwarsactionfigures #artistanova #behindthescenes #artlifestyle #artlife #arttherapy #starwars #starwarsmerch #venicebeachartist #latinx #chicanx #reinventingmyself #selftaught #selftaughtartist #hansolomovie #hansolo A post shared by Daniel Rey Silvas (@artistanova13) on May 11, 2018 at 10:50pm PDT L3's figure reveal was then followed by host Andi Gutierrez presenting Cheers and Solo actor Woody Harrelson with a prototype Tobias Beckett Black Series figure. These were not the only figure appearances this week, as Ellen [...]

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Mighty Muggs Update

We have updated our Mighty Muggs Guide to include the latest commercials and figure numbering from this rebooted line of stubby over-sized vinyl  figures. The most recent wave of Solo: A Star Wars Story (which opens Thursday!!!) Muggs are still making their way out to retail will be followed by a Sequel Trilogy wave . For a checklist of the entire line both new and old make sure to check out our guide!

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TOY RUN Episode 110 – Thandie’s Dress, Celebration ’18 & One Week To Go!

Welcome to episode 110 of Toy Run - The Star Wars Action Figure Cast! On this week's episode Criz Bee and Jake Stevens are joined by Star Wars action figure aficionados Jason Luttrull (Galaxy Of Toys Podcast) and Matt Fox (This Week In Star Wars & Galaxy Of Toys Podcast) to talk about all the Star Wars action figure news from the past week, the Star Wars Celebration 2019 announcement, the SOLO: A Star Wars Story red carpet premiere in Cannes and Thandie Newton's dress. The guys also talk about Force Link 2.0, Star Wars action figure comic book covers, and those big bubbles and darn tape on The Vintage Collection cards. This episode is filled with Star Wars action figure love, passion and excitement! [...]

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Thandie Newton’s Action Figure Dress!

Yesterday, during the red carpet for the debut of Solo: A Star Wars Story at the Cannes Film Festival, Solo actress Thandie Newton appeared in an action figure themed dress. Newton, who plays Val in the upcoming film, wore a print that featured black Kenner and Hasbro action figures. Characters such as Mace Windu, Lando Calrissian, Saw Gerrera, Finn, and Captain Panaka. Such an amazing dress and we look forward to seeing where it ends up! This would make a great charity auction piece as it is truly a one of a kind and what an amazing world we now live in where our beloved action figures from across the past 40 years can become both a celebration of cultural and high fashion. All images [...]

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TOY RUN Episode 109 – Star Wars Rebels Retrospective

This week on TOY RUN, the hosts turn their focus, for the moment, from Solo: A Star Wars Story to bring listeners an overdue retrospective on each and every Star Wars Rebels action figure released to date! From 5POA to The Black Series, from Mashers to 12”, no Rebels figure is left behind. The hosts catch up with the return of KayBee Toys, potential HasbLab projects and of the challenges of the Force Link 2.0 play feature. Plus, new Hasbro Solo commercials, new action figure acquisitions and a recap of last week’s May the Fourth Star Wars Day. Join Criz Bee and Jake Stevens as they keep you informed each and every week on the only weekly Star Wars collecting podcast! Listen, subscribe and please [...]

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Hasbro’s SOLO Millennium Falcon Commercials

With Solo: A Star Wars Story's promotional partners increasing their advertisements (now that Avenger: Infinity War has started to subside) we are given a glimpse of Hasbro's Force Link 2.0 Millennium Falcon in a Norton Antivirus commercial. This appearance features Hasbro's $30 Falcon which offers less play features than the $100 version nor does it accommodate action figures. This is just the latest entry in Hasbro Star Wars product being featured in brand partner commercials. Past collaborations include Wal*Mart, Target, PlayStation, Kraft, Duracell, and Toys 'R' Us to name a few. Now when it comes to Hasbro's larger action figure compatible Kessel Run Millennium Falcon from Solo, it appears Hasbro is gearing up to release a commercial for it as the Latino American version has already been [...]

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TOY RUN Episode 108 – Happy Star Wars Day!

Happy Star Wars Day! On today's episode Criz Bee and Jake Stevens talk about May The 4th, Wookiee Weekend at Australian Toys'R'Us stores, Star Wars Resistance, the T.R. Nation on Facebook and of course Star Wars action figure finds on store shelves this past week! In addition the hosts share thoughts about Hasbro's Force Link 2.0 app, the new Kessel Run Millennium Falcon and they discuss and play a variety of voice samples from the current Hasbro Star Wars 3.75" action figure toy line. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast and leave us a review on iTunes please! We want to hear from you! If you have questions for the hosts, suggestions on which guest to have next, a figure fact you’d like to share or [...]

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