An Off-Task Presentation: Live-Action Marvel Film & TV Chronology

We here at have, for over the past four years, written and reported exclusively about Star Wars action figures. We love Star Wars figures like no other but we do have lots of room in our heart. Marvel's comics, movies and yes their action figures are near and dear to our hearts. So with that being said, we have our very first "Off-Task Presentation" featuring every single live-action Marvel movie and television property made to date. We started with this list as we intend to use it to track the Marvel action figure lines that accompanied many of these films and series. With yesterday's debut of the first trailer for Marvel Studio's tent-pole film, Avengers: Infinity War, we felt compelled to release our Chronology which we have been [...]

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TOY RUN Episode 87 – Black Friday Deals And Geekin’ Out With Jon Gray

On episode 87 of Toy Run Criz Bee and Jake Stevens talk about Black Friday deals, pick out cool posts from the Toy Run Facebook community and share their past week's toy run experiences. Criz Bee is wondering why Lego can sell a $800 Millennium Falcon while Hasbro's Black Series 6" Special Forces Tie Fighter doesn't sell out at $50. The guys talk about Star Wars Battlefront II and what Star Wars figures Hasbro should make from the game and they talk to fellow hard-core Star Wars action figure collector Jon Gray while at Jason Luttrull's Sarlacc Holiday Special Life Day party. Please subscribe and help out the podcast by leaving a review! Show Notes 00:00 - 07:30 Intro - Three Weeks To Go Until The Last [...]

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Introducing Micro Force (Fighter Pods Reborn)

Hasbro has shared with us information about their latest new line set to reach store shelves in just a few weeks. Micro Force is described as "a line of squishable and easily collectible micro figures". If this sounds familiar or looks familiar its because this is a re-branding of Hasbro's Fighter Pods series from 2012. The previous incarnation included launchable pods that the figures could be placed into but this feature is now absent from this version. The release of Micro Force continues Hasbro's recent trend of returning to past ideas.  With the creation of The Black Series line a few years ago, Hasbro brought back the Titanium die-cast ship line which Galoob and later Hasbro released aplenty. The Force Awakens saw the return of Micro [...]

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Tracking the Last Jedi Update

We completed our much overdue update to our The Last Jedi figure checklist! Here you will find every Force Link 3 3/4" figure,  6" Black Series exclusives and all Value 6" and 12" figures both released and upcoming.  

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TOY RUN Episode 84 – Star Wars News Extravaganza!!

This week on another informational-packed episode of TOY RUN, the hosts, Criz Bee and Jake Stevens, take a long look at all of the Star Wars news released over the past seven days! On the docket for discussion is the recent The Last Jedi TV trailer, Disney’s new Toy Box line of action figures, Kathleen Kennedy’s statements on the future of Star Wars, the latest Rebels episodes, Toys R’ Us’ exclusive poster giveaways and vehicle, Forces of Destiny Volume 2, the pricing of Kohl’s exclusive 3 ¾” multipack and of course all the Hasbro Star Wars action figure news you can handle. Episode #84 also features the longest Toy Rundown of the News yet, so don’t miss out and tune in to discover what deals [...]

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