New Mighty Mugg Reveal

We've received word from Hasbro that they made an appearance in London at MCM Comic Con, which is one of the largest conventions in the United Kingdom, this weekend. At the show, they revealed yet another new Mighty Muggs figure which is set to hit store shelves next year. This cute little guy, like all of newly designed Muggs, will include three different expressions which can be rotated by simply depressing the character's head. The upcoming line will also include a mix of Marvel Superheroes in it and at the convention Hulk too was revealed. Look for a both of these to drop in January. MIGHTY MUGGS Figure Assortment (Ages 6 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $9.99/Available: January 2018) Looking for a checklist of [...]

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TOY RUN Episode 83 – Surprise Surprise! Figures in Disguise!

This week on another thrilling episode TOY RUN, freaky figure fiends, Criz Bee and Jake Stevens, explore the action figure realm of figures in disguise! With Halloween right around the corner, join them for some terrifically terrifying discussions about figures playing dress-up. Plus discover who Lucasfilm’s first choice to direct the sequel franchise was; the latest way to support Rancho Obi-Wan; what was found on this week’s toy runs; how The Last Jedi director felt upon entering the Falcon set for the first time and lots more spooky action figure news! Episode #83 is to die for as we are creepin’ it real this week on TOY RUN: The Star Wars Action Figure Cast! Show Breakdown 00:00 - 06:30 Intro Halloween talk incl. R2-B00s Droid [...]

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TOY RUN Episode 82 – Star Wars Action Figure Guides You Should Own

This week on TOY RUN, the hosts break down 10 essential Star Wars action figure guides and resources that should be in every collector’s library! The give their thoughts (with plenty of spoiler warning) on the debut of Season 4 of Rebels. Criz Bee and Jake Stevens also share their feelings on both the title of the upcoming spin-off film and how new Star Wars canon might have lost its way in the recently released From a Certain Point of View novel. Plus your action figure Toy Rundown of the week and more on the return of the Mighty Muggs! 00:00 - 04:18 Intro SOLO talk 04:18 - 12:19 Toy Runs / Galaxaar this past week 12:19 - 23:28 Star Wars Rebels Episode 1 & [...]

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Mighty Muggs Guide

After taking a 7-year hiatus, Mighty Muggs are returning to the store shelves in January 2018.  The line of stubby over-sized vinyl figures first debuted in 2007, three years before their modern counterpart Funko Pops exploded onto the scene. The line featured almost 60 different Star Wars characters over the duration of the line. The "figures" featured about 3 points of articulation and typically included a single accessory. With declining sales and interest, the line went to online only for the last few waves before fading into twilight with their Target Mini Mugg sets in 2010. During New York Comic Con 2017, Hasbro announced the return of the line but with a "twist". Now the figures, which are considerably smaller than the before, feature the ability [...]

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TOY RUN Episode 81 – NYCC 2017 Reveals with Paul Harrison

On this episode of TOY RUN, Paul Harrison from join Criz Bee and Jake Stevens in a conversation about his experience attending Hasbro’s roundtable discussions at New York Comic Con. The three break down each of Hasbro’s reveals as well as their hopes and thoughts on the return of The Vintage Collection line. Jake gushes over the trailer. Criz discovers some great buys on ebay. The week’s toy run down of the news and much more in Episode 81 of your friendly weekly Star Wars action figure cast! Show Notes The Last Jedi Trailer & Speculation Star Wars Action Figure Reveals At New York Comic Con 2017 We want to hear from you! If you have questions for the hosts, suggestions on which guest to [...]

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The Last Jedi Trailer & Speculation

During this week's Monday Night Football, the first official trailer finally debuted. Prior to the halftime release, revealed the official poster for the eighth episode of the Saga. What stands out immediately is Luke's position in the montage that is typically reserved for Darth Vader. Speaking of Vader, speculation online has pointed out that the position of the characters and wording on the poster take the form of Darth Vader's helmet. Following the trailer, tickets for the movie were made available from most theater chains. Now as the anticipation begins to  build for the December 15th release, we thought we'd take a look at some of the already iconic images that can be found in the trailer. So without further ado, let the speculation begin! We begin [...]

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NYCC 2017 Hasbro Reveals

Now that New York Comic Con is behind us, its time to take a look at what was revealed by Hasbro at the annual mega-convention via Hasbro's round tables and show floor displays. Let's begin with the 3 3/4" Force Link line which we have now learned lacks The Last Jedi due to the timing of the packaging creation and reveal of the title. Two new reveals for the basic single carded line included one familiar figure and "new" character. Maz will be getting her own release and will include her rocketeer looking backpack that will be featured in The Last Jedi. A new character by the name of C'Ai Threnalli (who appears to be similar or related to The Force Awakens' Ello Atsy) features a [...]

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TOY RUN Episode 80: Highs & Lows of Force Link Figures

In this week’s episode of TOY RUN, Criz Bee and Jake Stevens share their thoughts on the recent Star Wars: Forces of Destiny special and upcoming Adventure Figure releases. After the toy rundown of the news, the hosts breakdown the highs and lows of each Force Link action figure released to date. Who are their favorite figures in the line so far? How many times can Jake make a reference to The Power of the Force 2 line? What does Criz Bee think of the recent Guardians of Evil 6” multi-pack? What do they expect to be revealed at New York Comic-Con this weekend? The answer to these and much more can be found by listening to Episode 80 of TOY RUN: The Star Wars [...]

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New Forces of Destiny Episodes & Images

This past Sunday, Star Wars: Forces of Destiny debuted new content in the form of a half an hour episode titled Volume One. The episode included new animated introductions by Maz from a campsite on Takodana. The episode also included a mix of previously released shorts and new ones showcasing significant moments of the heroines of the Star Wars galaxy. ________ Volume One included the following shorts: Sands of Jakku* Newest Recruit - “Sabine and Ketsu face off against stormtroopers on a mission that becomes more complicated than they bargained for.” Staring Sabine Wren, Ketsu Onyo, Hera Syndulla, Chopper, Stormtroopers The Stranger* The Starfighter Hunt - “As Ashoka teaches Padmé to pilot a fighter, they are attacked by a droid starfighter.” Staring Padme’ Amidala, Ahsoka Tano, R2-D2, Droid Fighter [...]

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