TOY RUN Episode #53 – Collecting Track Insights with Gus Lopez

On this week’s Celebration Orlando focused episode of TOY RUN, hosts Criz Bee and Jake Stevens discuss Rogue One’s home video release, Leland Chee’s exclusive Star Wars action figure, the collecting podcasts appearing on the Podcast Stage at Celebration and the latest from their most recent toy runs. Then Pete and Rich from the Vintage Rebellion Podcast and Mark Newbold from JediNews join the show to share information about the free swag they will be handing out at Celebration and their involvement with the convention. Later in the show, Celebration's collecting track organizer and friend of the show, Gus Lopez stops by to talk about the history of the Collecting Track, the origins of the Star Tots giveaways and the various panels at this year’s show. [...]

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Celebration Orlando Swag – Part 2

With Star Wars Celebration Orlando now just two weeks away, its time to announce our next piece of swag. Our "Kylo Ran Lives" button and its purposeful misspelling will be immediately understandable for long-time and/or vintage Star Wars collectors.  The button is a tribute to Twentieth Century Fox's "Darth Vadar Lives" button which was produced following the massive success of Star Wars in 1977 in included the accidental misspelling of "Vader" which was never corrected. This Lucasfilm licensed button can be found on the show floor of the convention at the Star Wars Space Club booth (#2653) at various times throughout the day.  As there will only be a few hundred handed out per day, make sure to inquire on availability when stopping by the booth [...]

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Leland Chee’s Selig Kenjenn Figure

On today's episode of The Star Wars Show, featured a segment on Leland Chee, Lucasfilm's Keeper of the Holocron, which included his Hasbro action figure. Chee's figure, Selig KenJenn, is based off of his illustrated likeness and was also named by the Star Wars content historian. This figure was released in a 2013 Toys 'R' Us exclusive multi-pack along with Jedi Que-Mars Redath and Khaat Qiyn (both of which who were featured in Attack of the Clones) and Clone Captain Deviss (who like Kenjenn did not appear in the Prequels). Jedi KenJenn is just one of the many figures Hasbro has created that have been based on non-actors like Chee. Others on the list include the Maker himself George Lucas as well as his three children, Hasbro [...]

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Star Wars Space Club’s Celebration Swag!

With Star Wars Celebration Orlando just 2 1/2 weeks away, it's time for a special Star Wars Space Club announcement: The Star Wars Space Club is happy to announce our official Star Wars Celebration Orlando collectible giveaway button set. Each unique button is licensed by Lucasfilm and includes the signature of one of the Space Club Commanders. These buttons will be available exclusively at the Star Wars Space Club’s booth (#2653) at various times throughout each day of the convention. Each button is limited to 200 pieces with a total of only 50 sets being dispersed each day. For the collector who is determined enough to complete the set, they will have their name entered into a chance to receive a Star Wars Space Club gift [...]

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TOY RUN Episode #52 – Hasbro Subscription Service?

On this week’s episode, Jake and Criz Bee discuss the release of Rogue One on home video, the conclusion of last week’s Star Wars Rebels episode and some of the great deals that can be found currently at retail.  The hosts then address listener feedback on what the future of Hasbro figure line might look like and they discuss the possibility of a Hasbro Star Wars action figure subscription service.  Toss in the toy rundown of the news and the collector calendar for the latest action figure-filled episode of TOY RUN!   Show Notes Kenner Cameos Star Wars Space Club at Celebration Orlando (Booth #2653) We want to hear from you! If you have questions for the hosts, suggestions on which guest to have [...]

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Kenner Cameo Updates: Star Wars Rebels

It's no secret that the Filoni and the crew behind Star Wars Rebels are huge vintage action figure fans.  We have reported in the past on Kenner's Yoda being an influence in the designs of his Rebels counterpart.  But with Season 3 coming to close this weekend, we thought it was time to add each of the Kenner nods that have appeared in the last three years of the series to The Kenner Cameo Chronology. And since the show reintroduced the Imperial Troop Transport to the Star Wars universe, we have also added each of its appearances, which we have previously outlined in our "37 Years of Imperial Troop Transport History and Restoration" article. Now before we begin, there is one more reference that we [...]

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Celebration Orlando Swag – Part 1

 For those headed to Star Wars Celebration Orlando next month, you'll have the opportunity to hunt down Jake Stevens in order to obtain a 40th Anniversary edition "I'm a Star Wars Action Figure Collector" button.  Now this button, whicih is not endorsed by Lucasfilm/Disney will not be distributed at our Star Wars Space Club booth (#2653) nor at Jake's Collecting Track panel.  It will instead be Jake's own button that he'll be passing out and one that is a part of the Facebook SWCO Swag Crew.  Numbers will be limited for each day of the convention but for whose on the hunt Jake won't be hard to find.  Look for his SWAG Crew badge. Now this is the fourth button in our "I'm a Star [...]

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Kenner Cameo Updates: Mini-Rigs & The Falcon

Welcome to another update to our Kenner Cameo Chronology.  At the Kenner Cameo Chronology, it is our goal to provide a guide for every time a Kenner (and sometimes Hasbro) concept or design has been showcased, outside of the action figure line, in Star Wars comics, publishing, animation, video games and so on.  Today we bring you three more entries that have all occurred within the last year.  – 2016 - MLC-3 This Kenner vehicle was featured in the comic story found within the Star Wars Rebels Magazine published by Egmont UK Ltd.  In issue 17, Kanan and Ezra attack a couple of AT-ATs while piloting the mini-rigs. Credit and thanks to Adam Giles AKA The Scavenger UK for the heads-up and images. The author [...]

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TOY RUN Episode 51: Figure Talk with Victoria’s Cantina

On TOY RUN this week, the hosts bring listeners an exclusive interview with YouTube action figure reviewer Victoria from Victoria’s Cantina. Additionally, Criz Bee and Jake Stevens debate the possibility of Disney introducing competition for Hasbro in 2020, announce Jake’s panel at Celebration Orlando on the Collectors Stage, drool over fan swag, discuss the latest figure news from the past week and reminisce about the days of fruitful toy runs.  All this plus a panel clip from Emerald City Comic Con and the collector’s calendar in Episode 51. Show Notes Victoria's Cantina On YouTube Star Wars Celebration Orlando Panels (pdf) We want to hear from you! If you have questions for the hosts, suggestions on which guest to have next, a figure fact you’d like [...]

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Celebration Orlando Panel: 40 for 40 – Highlights from Four Decades of Star Wars Collectibles

We are happy to finally announce that Jake Stevens will be joining his fellow collectors from around the world as a presenter at Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017!  Jake and fellow podcaster Matt Fox from This Week in Star Wars will be kicking off the collector track this celebration by covering 40 years of Star Wars collectibles and the ever changing marketing behind them. 40 for 40: Highlights from Four Decades of Star Wars Collectibles Join life-time collectors and podcasters Matthew Fox from “This Week in Star Wars,” and Jake Stevens from as they celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars by chronicling 40 different toy lines and collectibles from the past four decades. Selections will include the famous, the infamous, and the forgotten. [...]

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