Star Wars Action News Episode 477 – To the Maz

This week I had the pleasure of co-hosting the most recent episode of Star Wars Action News. The hosts, Marjorie and Arnie, invited me on to discuss both of the upcoming Celebrations, the whereabouts of the elusive third wave of Wal*Mart’s exclusive Black Series figures, new Star Wars records and to review the Takodana Encounter set featuring Maz Kanata.  To hear what we think of the multi-pack which is now flooding store shelves across the country make sure to tune into Episode 477 of one of the oldest and best Star Wars podcasts online. - Jake She's the most intriguing new alien introduced in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. She somehow has the lightsaber Luke lost on Bespin. She knows of the Force. She has a [...]

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Memorial Day Thanks

On this Memorial Day holiday, we'd like to say 'thank you' to all the brave men and women who have served and sacrificed. For more Holiday Greetings! “When you care to send the very best – you say it with Star Wars action figures!”

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TOY RUN – Episode 12: Thoughts on the Hobby from Paul Harrison of

In Episode 12 of TOY RUN, the hosts discuss the current state of articulation, distribution and future of the 3 ¾” action figure line with Paul Harrison, co-owner of Criz Bee and Jake cover Celebration Orlando news, regional Star Wars collecting clubs and what really defines an ‘action figure’ and oh yeah, Chewbacca Mom.  All this and more in this week’s Star Wars action figure cast! Question of the Week: What makes an action figure an action figure? Are Funko Pops action figures? How about Hot Toys figurines? Do you consider them to be action figures? Let us know in the comments below and we'll discuss it on the next show! We want to hear from you! If you have questions for the hosts, suggestions [...]

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Happy Real Star Wars Day!

Happy Real Star Wars Day!  On today, the 39th Anniversary of Star Wars (and the 33rd Anniversary of Return of the Jedi) tickets for the next stateside Celebration went on sale.  We are happy to announce that and our fellow co-hosts and friends from, Galaxy of Toys and will all officially be there!  Just like Celebration Anthem, VIP tickets sold out right away despite their $700 price tag. Since it was Real Star Wars Day and we couldn't make it to the comic book store which saw the release of Star Wars #19 featuring Princess Leia in Bespin Outfit as this month's Action Figure Variant cover, we instead popped into our local toy emporium for a vintage Star Wars fix. Couldn't let Real @starwars [...]

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TOY RUN – Episode 11: The Customizing World Of Stephen Hayford

In this episode, Jake and Criz Bee sit down for an exclusive interview with Lucasfilm Artist and figure and diorama customizer, Stephen Hayford! Join the hosts as they also announce the winner of the Rancho Obi-Wan Membership giveaway, speculate about the Rogue One leak, discuss the now infamous Darth Vader auction, and cover the past week’s news in the world of Star Wars action figure collecting! All episodes are available for free download on iTunes, Stitcher, The Zune Network and! Show Notes Stephen Hayford's Life in Plastics Star Wars Gallery Rancho Obi-Wan Donation Page We want to hear from you! If you have questions for the hosts, suggestions on which guest to have next, a figure fact you’d like to share or opinions on [...]

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37 Years of Imperial Troop Transport History & Restoration

Our friends over at RetroBlasting have released their latest vintage Kenner Star Wars vehicle restoration video which focuses on one of the toy line's very first Expanded Universe creations, the Imperial Troop Transport. Originally released in 1979, the ITT included an electric internal mini-record which played six "original Star Wars sounds" upon pressing the six orange button surrounding the cannon.  This feature tends to break down over time and for those wanting to hear R2-D2 Beeps, Stormtrooper stun blasts and the ITT's engine will want to pay close attention to this restoration. ITT Restoration Part 2 Now what makes this restoration project even of greater significance is that the specific vehicle undergoing the knife held by Michael's very capable hands belongs to our good friend and [...]

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TOY RUN Episode 10 – Steve Sansweet and the fantastic Rancho Obi-Wan

In this episode of TOY RUN, the hosts Criz Bee and Jake Stevens chat with Guinness Book World Record Star Wars collector and author Steve Sansweet about his collection, his books, his perspective on recent vintage prices and his museum Rancho Obi-Wan! Also in Episode 10, details on how to win a 2016 Membership Kit to Rancho Obi-Wan are given as is the rundown of the past week’s action figure news and what to look forward to in the Collector Calendar. All episodes are available for free download on iTunes, Stitcher, The Zune Network and! Show Notes Rancho Obi-Wan - Spring fundraiser donation page! - Check out our sponsor for some of the newest Star Wars and other action figures! Galaxy of Toys [...]

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Vintage Star Wars Action Figure Newspaper Ads Kickstarter Book

Here's a big heads up for fans of both vintage Kenner action figures and newspaper Star Wars nostalgia.'s Philip Reed (whom we interviewed last year for his last set of Star Wars action figure books) has just begun a new Kickstarter for his latest Star Wars-themed book which focuses on vintage newspaper ads featuring Kenner's infamous line of Star Wars figures. Collect These Figures and Accessories: An Unofficial Look at Star Wars Newspaper Ads, 1977 to 1986 is unlike the average Kickstarter project as it is 100% finished already. The purpose of this crowdfund is simply to send the book to the printers. As of press time, the book was already a fifth of the way to being funded with 10 days still left to go. [...]

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TOY RUN Episode 9: How Many Rey Figures Were There Really?

In this episode, Criz Bee and Jake talk about Star Wars Day May the 4th, announce the Rey Starkiller Base winner, breakdown the Star Wars action figure count since September 4th, rundown a list of figures Hasbro could still make from The Force Awakens and they discuss Alden Ehrenreich who will play a young Han Solo in the second standalone movie. Add collecting news and the collector’s calendar and you’ve got Episode 9 of TOY RUN: The Star Wars Action Figure Cast. All episodes are available for free download on iTunes, Stitcher, The Zune Network and! Show Notes - For a complete visual guide of every The Force Awakens figure released to date! - Check out our sponsor  for some of the [...]

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Happy May The Fourth Be with You Day

Well, fingers-crossed that this Star Wars holiday will be full of luck as there are two places exclusive new Star Wars figures could surface today.  The first may be your local Wal*Mart as reports from last week surfaced that the world's biggest retailer would be offering their three new The Black Series 3 3/4" figures on May 4th.  This wave once again includes Han (Starkiller Base), Princess Leia from TFA and Captain Phasma and of course each one of these figures are fully articulated. The second place to look for new action figures today would be the Disney Parks. For those lucky enough to either be on vacation or live very near the parks, R5-M4 has already begun appearing on ebay and social media. This is [...]

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