Star Wars Sequels and My Collecting Future

by Mike MacDonald It's three weeks after Force Friday as I write this and for the first time since getting back into collecting in 1995 I'm not sure how I will continue to collect Star Wars action figures. Not IF I will collect, mind you, but how to move forward going into the next phase of the now apparently endless Star Wars saga. My Star Wars collection has grown pretty darn big over the past twenty years. Like so many other Star Wars fans, the release of new action figures back in the 90's was my entry back into the Star Wars universe. I've spent this past 20 years putting together a collection of roughly 700-plus items based on budget and display space.  But most [...]

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GI Joe’s Starduster Added to Sister Lines

Sister Lines is a list of Star Wars action figure related toys and accessories that originated from other toys lines or were later used in non-Star Wars lines. Well thanks to our friends at Galaxy of Toys we have another figure to add to our Sister Lines database. In 2009, Hasbro once again double-dipped into their mold library for a GI Joe Convention exclusive. Each year since 1997, the GIJoeCon has been held and as its popularity has grown so has their exclusives. It is currently sponsored by Hasbro's Official GI Joe Collectors' Club and with this sponsorship comes lots of club and convention exclusives. The International JUMP Jet 2-Pack was one of the many convention exclusives offered that year. The set included two Joes (Sgt. Manleh [...]

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And the winner is…

We had a massive amount of entries for this 2-Pack and the winner and congratulations goes to CRAZYFORLEGO on Instagram! Madison Dunn is the winner of our Ahsoka & Vader 2-Pack giveaway! Per entry directions Dunn LIKED our post and TAGGED a fellow collector; who we want to give a shout out to. THEKENNERBOY has some fantastic photos on his Instagram which any vintage and modern collector would appreciate. As stated below, we wanted to show our appreciation to the great many fans who love toy and action figure collecting and help to support each other in the hobby! "We here at have had some incredible luck in tracking down the latest figures from The Force Awakens. We owe quite a bit of thanks in part to [...]

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Galaxy of Toys & Geek Out Loud on Force Friday

The hosts of Galaxy of Toys break down the experience and fall out of #ForceFriday. Joining them is podcaster Steve Glosson from Geek Out Loud, Rebel Force Radio and many other fine podcasts. During the discussion about all things The Force Awakens it became very clear that the one character we thought was missing from the teaser trailers was essentially right in front of us all along. Give Episode 49 a listen and once you do you can let us know what you think and join in the conversation on the official Facebook and Twitter pages. Don't forget you still have a couple more days to enter our Ahoska and Vader 2-Pack Collector Appreciation Giveaway! For the full details click the pic below. Until next time, May [...]

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Ahsoka and Vader 2-Pack Giveaway

We here at have had some incredible luck in tracking down the latest figures from The Force Awakens. We owe quite a bit of thanks in part to our fellow area collectors who excel at maintaining a collecting community that supports each other without markups or quid pro quos. And so with many collectors experiencing empty pegs still a week and a half after #ForceFriday, we thought it would only be fair to pay some of our good fortune forward. We are giving away the brand new Ahoska Tano vs. Darth Vader 2-Pack based upon their upcoming appearances in Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels which begins on October 14th. There are multiple ways to enter to win our #CollectorAppreciation Giveaway! Simply complete one [...]

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The Fan Force Was Strong On Force Friday

Wow, what an epic time last weekend was! We are still recovering from our #ForceFridayHangover. We understand that many people came away dissatisfied with their Midnight Madness experience due to the lack of supply at retailers and that can be frustrating for those looking to buy everything in one shot. We will agree that the pegs were less full in the action figure department than any of the four previous midnight releases but that didn’t deter our enjoyment the event because it was the local collecting community which made it a night to remember. The following is how our own Jake Stevens spent the event: “The evening began with a late dinner with the ol’ curmudgeon himself Tom Berges from and Criz Bee from [...]

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Hasbro’s Exclusives Press Release & Images

On #ForceFriday Hasbro dropped the following press release which lists the exclusives that will accompany their The Force Awakens and Black Series action figure and toys lines. We must say we were delighted to see that the WalMart exclusive super articulated 3 3/4" Black Series figures which we reported prior to Midnight Madness turned up officially! For anyone who were missing Hasbro's usual slew of exclusives over the last few years will have their work cut out for them this fall. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AMAZON: Pre-order the STAR WARS: THE BLACK SERIES TROOPER EVOLUTION 4-PACK, featuring four 6-inch figures not available anywhere else, including the long-awaited PHASE II CLONE TROOPER and a FIRST ORDER STORMTROOPER with exclusive red pauldron! COSTCO: The STAR WARS HERO MASHERS ULTIMATE BOUNTY MULTI-PACK features five 6-inch customizable [...]

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Hasbro’s #ForceFriday Launch Press Release

[editors note; we are still playing catch up from the #ForceFriday weekend. We have been too busy going on toy runs! Look for more updates to follow throughout this week.] HASBRO’S TOY LINE FROM STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS ROCKETS TO STORE SHELVES ON “FORCE FRIDAY”, SEPTEMBER 4th, 2015 One of the Most Anticipated Toy Lines of the Year Includes Items for Fans of All Ages From Across Hasbro’s Brand Portfolio PAWTUCKET, RI (SEPTEMBER 4, 2015) – The most anticipated film event of the year is nearly here…and its highly anticipated toy line has finally landed! Starting at the stroke of midnight on “Force Friday,” September 4th, Hasbro’s out-of-this-world new line of toys will showcase the new characters and vehicles from STAR WARS: THE FORCE [...]

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Your Force Friday Hasbro Checklist is Here!

We have teamed up with and Galaxy of Toys Podcast to bring you the most up-to-date Hasbro checklist for use during tonight's Midnight Madness. To download your copy for Force Friday click the link below! ForceFriday Hasbro Checklist Also don't forget Seattleites; Jake from will be appearing at the Tukwilia, Washington Toys ‘R’ Us where he will be providing physical copies of the #ForceFriday checklist for all in attendance. Joining him will be Criz Bee from, Tom Berges, Jason from Galaxy of Toys Podcast, Ryan Beise from Star Wars Collecting Cosmos, Gus Lopez from The Star Wars Collectors Archive, Amy Sjoberg from the Ewok Builders Club, YouTube's Star Geek and Paul from the Forcecast. We'll be there following fellow Seattleite and Star Wars [...]

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Wal*Mart Spy Report: Super Articulated Exclusives

We have received a report from our spy "Long Snoot" from inside the Wal*Mart on Tatooine. According to Long Snoot the following 10 figures are listed in the Wal*Mart computer for a retail price of $12.93: E7 Kylo E7 Firs E6 Vader E4 Chewie E4 Han E4 Luke E4 Prin E7 Poe E7 Finn E7 Rey Now the these figures are currently on order in denominations of 12 and no stores in the region have them on hand. So this means that it is most likely that they will not be available on Force Friday but should be appearing shortly after. At this price point these figures are most likely a part of the super articulated Black Series line. We have already seen images of the canceled Ceremonial [...]

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