#ForceFriday Preview on Galaxy of Toys

The hosts Galaxy of Toys Podcast discuss the numerous leaked products from The Force Awakens as well as the product catalog that made the rounds on social media last week. If you would like to follow along at home, you can see the all the photos mentioned in the show by clicking on the pic below courtesy of Jedibuisness.com. Also a reminder that the whole gang will be appearing a Toys 'R' Us in Tukwilia, Washington for #ForceFriday. You can get more details here and over at JediBusiness.com! Until #ForceFriday, May the Figures be with you!  

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The Madness is Coming! #ForceFriday Roundup

With #ForceFriday just 8 days away, retailers are starting to up their game in competing for collector's attention and dollars. Here we'll take a look at the major retailers set to celebration the release of The Force Awakens toys at 12:01 AM, September 4th. Toys 'R' Us The original purveyors of Midnight Madness will be holding their 5th midnight opening for Star Wars toys (all three prequels and The Clone Wars film). According to their website they'll be offering an exclusive poster but no word on the content or producer (Hasbro, Jakks, Mattel, LFL, Disney, etc.?) of said poster. Also being offered at Geoffrey's store will a LEGO Star Wars Commemorative Brick but details on this are scare as well. And finally Rancho Obi-Wan will be [...]

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Episode VII Figure Leaks and Thoughts

What started with an ebay auction of a single 3 3/4" Kylo Ren figure turned into a day full of leaked action figure reveals. Flooding social media today, the following are the photos that appeared from @ChuckDukas and others throughout Twitter and Facebook. So far there are 12 basic figures which feature a combiner feature. As it appears in Aurebesh, "COMBINE FOREST GEAR" is written below each combiner piece. The figures appear to follow the Snow/Desert/Jungle/Space themes rumored a few months ago. All but one of the characters featured in the first wave have been seen before. The exception would be Constable Zuvio who made his debut today. Also revealed today were 8 Armored figures. Each comes with what we speculate to [...]

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The Action Figure Force Begins to Awaken

This morning we were all treated to the first ever look at a 3 3/4" figure from the upcoming The Force Awakens line! The above image comes from this ebay auction where the figure was sold for $99. The following image comes from instagram user @ChuckDukas who provided JediTempleArchives with the image. A few quick observations about the figure: The original character art is amazing and very welcomed This particular series appears to not be numbered unless it is on the side of the bubble Speaking of this series this may be part of the Armored line rumored to be coming The line will include characters from other films It will take three figures at least to build a combiner The line will be featured on [...]

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From4-LOMtoZuckuss Featured in Windermere Ad

This past weekend owner and webmaster of From4-LOMtoZuckuss.com, Jake Stevens and his family were the subjects of a new ad campaign for Windemere Real Estate. In the #yourstoryisourstory short, a very small sampling of Jake's collection can be seen. Everyone's homeownership story is different. Check out this story about the Stevens Family, who needed a great home for their family- but also storage for From From 4-LOM to Zuckuss blogger Jake's gigantic Star Wars collection! ‪#‎yourstoryisourstory‬ A big thanks goes out to Marguerite Giguere - The Skydiving Agent as she is not only a fantastic realtor in the Seattle-Tacoma area but she's assisted many times with the tech side of this very website! For those interested in moving to Tacoma make sure to check out Marguerite's site MovetoTacoma.com. And [...]

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The Top 10 The Power of the Force Figures with JediBuisness.com

August 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of The Power of the Force toy line, which started a new era of Star Wars toys and collectibles in 1995. The toy line which was given the same name as the previous and final vintage toy line in 1985, ran for five years from August 1995 until the middle of 2000. The line (affectionately dubbed POTF2 by collectors) as a whole was huge with plenty of figures, vehicles, creatures, multi-packs, playsets, pack-ins, mail-aways and exclusives. The Power of the Force line of  figures are fairly easy to find even 20 years after their debut, which is very likely a result of collectors stocking up on figures, hoping for the toys to increase in value in the same way [...]

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Star Wars Sneak Preview Figures – Then and Now

Kenner and Hasbro have both had a long history of releasing special preview figures prior to the debut of each new Star Wars film and its respective action figure line. As we ready ourselves for The Force Awakens figure line which will be premiering on #ForceFriday (September 4th, 2015) we are taking a brief look back at each Sneak Preview figure offered throughout the last 38 years. Star Wars (1977) Although it did not proceed the actual film or include any figures initially the Early Bird Kit was not only the first item released from Kenner’s seminal line but it also gave collectors their first taste of the Star Wars action figure onslaught that was to come. Early Bird Certificate Package; figures were to arrive [...]

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Critters, Trekkies and Dinosaurs – Filmography Updated

As we head into the second half of the year (which will result in a new Star Wars film!!!!) we are sure Star Wars and its many collectibles will soon become more visible throughout all forms of media. To this end we will be keeping an eye on Star Wars-inclusive television and motion pictures in order to continue to add to our action figure filmography. Today we have a couple of updates to add to our Lights! Camera! Action (Figures)! database with one being so blatantly absent we found ourselves laughing quite a bit upon realizing its absence. Thanks to our co-hosts from Galaxy of Toys Podcast Jason pointed out a slick silver custom Y-Wing in Critters and Ryan a Kenner Snowspeeder in Jurassic World. Trekkies surprisingly enough stars [...]

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