Galaxy of Toys Episode 40

The hosts of Galaxy of Toys Podcast are joined once again by our friend and Star Wars Blogger Mike MacDonald to chat about a potpourri of Star Wars topics on Episode #40. Also for those attending Celebration Anaheim next month don't forget Galaxy of Toys will be putting on a live show on the Podcast Stage: Galaxy of Toys: Live Podcast The Celebration Podcast Stage room 208AB Saturday, April 18 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm To read more from Mike make sure to check out his site and read his blog "Looking Away to the Horizon" at!

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Your Star Wars Guide for Emerald City Comicon 2015

It’s that time of the year when Seattle fills-up with cartoon characters, comic books and cosplay as 2015’s Emerald City Comicon kicks off this Friday. And once again, we here at have put together a guide to make sure that your trip to the con is packed full with content from a galaxy far, far away. This year Jake Stevens has once again teamed up with fellow Seattle Area Lucasfilm Collectors Club (SARLACC) members Gus Lopez (The Star Wars Collector Archive), Ryan Beise (Galaxy of Toys Podcast) and Chris Bortz ( to host a panel about the history of Star Wars action figures titled, “Star Wars Action Figures: Collect All 3000?!?”.  Stop in for an action figure history lesson or just to say hi to [...]

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day (accept in Bright Tree Village) from all of us at! May the luck of the Irish and the Force be with you! Top 'o the day to ya and remember, “When you care to send the very best – you say it with Star Wars action figures!” For more Holiday Greetings from your friends at! And May the Figures be with you!

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And the Winner is…

Peyton Ennis! You have won yourself a vintage Sy Snootles for your entry into our #MakeMeHasbro contest. To claim your prize send us an e-mail with your address and we will send Ziro's #1 lady your way! And thanks to all who entered and fans and collectors can look forward to more giveaways in the near future if you will be attending this month's Emerald City Comicon in Seattle or Celebration Anaheim in California next month! But until then, May the Figures be with you!

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What a week for Star Wars!

This week has been filled with so much Star Wars its been a fantastic challenge to keep up with it all! The week began with a Philip Reed's Universe Expanded Kickstarter to produce a book exclusively about The Power of the Force's Expanded Universe line of figures. The next Wave (3) of Saga Legends line appeared online over at On Monday, the Star Wars Fan Film Awards were announced and this time around they are full of action figures cameos! (And some cool animated bounty hunters!) Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens was announced on Tuesday. This will include 20 published works that tie into or lead up to December's The Force Awakens. "All titles published under Journey to [...]

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The Super Awesome Geek Show!

This last week our own Jake  Stevens had the pleasure of guest appearing on The Super Awesome Geek Show Podcast! The host's John Adams and Jason Rigden chat with Jake about his site, collecting, fan clubs and other awesomely geeky Star Wars topics! To give this episode a listen click the logo below. The Super Awesome Geek Show is a show where four friends geek out about things we have loved our whole lives and new things that we have just discovered. We get to meet the creators at conventions and geek out with webcomic and graphic novel guys on recorded interviews. Sometimes we invite special guests for the show that will geek out with us about a topic for an entire 20 minutes or more! Awesome. We are [...]

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Exclusive Interview with Philip Reed – Author

Star Wars action figures are awesome! More than just movie toys; they have been a staple in toy aisles for decades, become pop culture icons and are credited for jump-starting the collectability of action figure toys the world over. We here at appreciate what Lucasfilm, Kenner and Hasbro have created so much so that we have dedicated ourselves to covering all things Star Wars action figure related and that’s where you come in! We are seeking out those who share our passion, to share their thoughts and memories of playing with and collecting those amazing little figures from a galaxy far, far away. 4LOMKUSS: Philip to be honest, I doubted that we would have time for this interview because as being a fellow child of the [...]

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Win Sy Snootles!

'What vintage Kenner action figure would you still like to see Hasbro make?' This has been the question on our minds lately. Despite Hasbro being currently focused on producing figures from Star Wars Rebels and the upcoming The Force Awakens we can't help but to think about the figures they have yet to make from the original Kenner line. Hasbro has updated many of the "92" figures from the vintage line but long time collectors and completist know that there are still some figures that a) Hasbro has yet to be do and b) more accurate versions they should do. By the picture below, it should be clear on who our choice is. We dearly want Hasbro to produce an updated non-Special Edition version of Sy Snootles. She has never appeared in [...]

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New Rebels Figures Coming!

USA Today  gives us our first official look at new Star Wars action figures since last October.  Ahoska Tano and Darth Vader aka the padawan and her Jedi Master will be coming to the Saga Legends line later this year. Now we know from the Rebels Recon for the season finale that her lightsabers shown here in inaccurate and will indeed be white to represent her non-allegencence to the Jedi nor Sith. These figures look great and we are excited to hopefully see more figures produced from Season 1! Check out Rebels Recon for more info about Season 1 and a peak at art form Season 2:

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Rebels Season 1 – It’s a Wrap!

[UPDATE] - New Rebels figures were revealed via USAToday. Last night’s episode of Star Wars Rebels brought not only another familiar character into the series but the close of Season 1. WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD! Episode 13 “Fire Across the Galaxy” confirmed what many had speculated and leaked for the last few months, Fulcrum’s true identity to be Ahsoka Tano. The much loved ex-Padawan of Anakin Skywalker hasn’t been seen since the finale of the Season 5 of The Clone Wars.  The freshman season saw a total of 11 major characters from the cinematic side of the galaxy far, far away. Original Trilogy Character Appearances in Star Wars Rebels Darth Vader (James Earl Jones) Obi-Wan Kenobi c-3PO (Anthony Daniels) R2-D2 The Emperor via Holonet Yoda (Frank Oz) Lando [...]

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