Seattle Plays Host to I.C.E. 2013

More on this later but for now check out some picks and swag from the event! The I.C.E. Star (Palitoy Inspired)     Crew T-Shirt     Program Catalog      From 4-LOM to Zuckuss swag pins 1 of 3 event patches      Event Passport    Steve on loan from Rancho Obi-Wan

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Action Figure Comic-Packs – A Hasbro/Dark Horse Affair

If there’s one thing we here at From 4-LOM to Zuckuss love almost as much as Star Wars action figures, its Star Wars comic books!  Since there are no action figure comic-packs currently on the horizon we thought we would stop daydreaming of a rekindled relationship between these two and instead take a look back at how it all started. From He-Man to Micro Machines – the birth of the comic and toy mash-up! In the 1980’s it wasn’t uncommon for an action figure line to come packaged with a comic book story of some sort.  For example in 1982, Mattel’s Masters of the Universe line became very popular and included a mini-comic book (published by DC Comics) with each of their action figures.  The [...]

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Gold 5’s “History” Report: Large Scale X-Wings

Now that Toys ‘R’ Us’ exclusive X-Wing Fighter is now hitting stores, From 4-LOM to Zuckuss takes a look back at the previous versions of the larger-scaled starfighter which have led up to it’s current release.  Let’s get started by setting your targeting computer back to 1998. Luke Skywalker’s Red 5 X-Wing Fighter Year: 1998 Series: The Power of the Force “2” Source: A New Hope Price: $50 Exclusive: N/A Included: Luke Skywalker and R2-D2 “figures”, Electronic Power F/X features This was the first time that Hasbro had produced an X-Wing that was not based on Kenner’s 1978 mold.  This version was larger and more in scale with the 3 ¾” figure line.  It featured lines of dialogue and sound effects mostly from A New Hope’s trench [...]

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When Star Wars: The Action Figure Archive Lived On

In February of 2004 mega-collector Vic Wertz set out to do what every Star Wars action figure collector wished for; to continue and update Star Wars: The Action Figure Archive.  Five years earlier, fellow mega-collector Steve Sansweet wrote the reference book which has become for many collectors the definitive resource for Star Wars action figure collecting.  Star Wars: The Action Figure Archive presented vintage Kenner and modern Hasbro action figures along with facts and movie and prop comparison photos.  The only problem with Sansweet's book was the obvious one when dealing with an every expanding and continuing topic; it requires frequent updating. Wertz answered the call in the perfect form as a column in the official Star Wars fan club magazine, Star Wars Insider.  At the time the [...]

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4LOMKUSS Podcasts with Galaxy of Toys

From 4-LOM to Zuckuss joins the knowledgeable cast as guest host on Galaxy of Toys Podcast.    In episode 13, Jake (aka 4LOMKUSS) discusses the release of the newest Black Series and Saga Legends action figures with the show's regular hosts.  Galaxy of Toys Podcast creator Jason plays MC to a cast of experienced Star Wars collectors consisting of Ryan "Bend'ems" Beise, Tom from and Criz from To listen to the show, click the pic above.  And if you like the show, make sure to give it a "Like" on Facebook (here) and subscribe to it on iTunes or Stitcher radio. Also if you enjoy basking in the nostalgia of the vintage Kenner era of Star Wars make sure to check out  Tom's Facebook [...]

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Shooting Skywalker Makes Fans Happy

A dream has come true for so many vintage Star Wars action figure collectors.  Photographer Kim David McNeill Simmons has created a website where you can buy pictures he took of his action figures.  Now what you may not know is that Simmons worked for Kenner during the vintage years and took a lot of the photos that appear on the vintage packaging and toy catalogs.  His website  details how after being featured in Topps' (fantastic) magazine Star Wars Galaxy he realized how desired his photos have become.  Thankfully for Simmons and collectors, he retained the rights to the Kenner photography and now offers prints and postcards to any willing to pay. To check out or own some great vintage Star Wars action figure photos click [...]

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Tusken Toy Raiders, Our Newest Section!

From 4-LOM to Zuckuss presents our newest section Tusken Toy Raiders.  Our goal is to show off cool and unique toy shores which feature Star Wars action figures which fellow collectors might enjoy exploring for themselves someday. We travel the galaxy quite a bit but we are just one droid and one alien so this section is calling upon our readers for help.  To learn how you can become a Tusken Toy Raider and feature a cool toy shop you know of here, check out our newest section found at the top of page!

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Reviewer Reminisces Star Wars Figure Impact Via Sansweet

New York Times book reviewer Andrew Ervin lovingly praises mega collector Steve Sansweet's newest action figure book.  In an article published at, Ervin gushes over the former Lucasfilm Ltd.'s Fan Relations director's book Star Wars: The Ultimate Action Figure Collection.  Sansweet who is now president and CEO of Rancho Obi-Wan, a Star Wars museum/collection, has produced numerous incredible books over the years but his most recent is a must have for any Star Wars action figure collector or fan. Ervin confesses to Star Wars toys having a huge impact on his life and give his outlook for the future of the hobby. To read the article click here. To purchase the book (which was a complete labor of love for not only Sansweet but other [...]

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Hasbro Cardbacks – 10 Styles and Counting

    As new product has finally begun to reach store shelves, collectors are seeing two new styles of Star Wars action figure cardbacks.  In celebration of the release of The Black Series and Saga Legends series, From 4-LOM to Zuckuss is taking you on a brief look back at the different cardback styles of yesterday and today. 1)      “Classic” Style The “classic” style of cardback (established in 1978) set the standard for Star Wars action figure cardbacks with its rectangle 9” x 6” shape.  This is the only style of cardback that does not feature a J-hook type hanger but instead an isolated peg hole.  This is the most widely used and most popular style of cardback. Series to feature this style: Star Wars, The Empire [...]

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