When Rebels Marry!

 Who is the luckiest groom in the world?  The answer is easy after seeing this photo from the wedding of Leslie Seiler and Paul Kingston.  This Toronto couple's wedding party was photographed being pursued by a trio of the newly released The Vintage Collection Endor AT-ATs!  Congrats to the newlyweds and lets hope these Jedi have Force Speed! Click the pic to see their appearance on Good Morning America Live.

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Kickstart some Art!

Artist Rob Burden is in the last few hours of his Kickstarter campaign to create some "Epic Paintings of Star Wars Action Figures"!  Now this project has already been funded in an excess of $7K ; Burden is now working on funding a third painting by reaching a goal of $34,000.  Whether you support this or not it will be exciting to see the end results.  Click the pic above to check out his Kickstarter video and other oil painting he has done on Star Wars action figures.

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“This will be a day long remembered…”

So who do we thank - Kenner for taking a chance or Twentieth Century Fox for being so convincing! Thanks to Andrew's Toyz for sharing the significance of this day.

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15,000 Vintage Polish Bootlegs…wait you meant $15,000!

The site Polish Star Wars Collector has posted some great pics of some of the earliest bootleg figures to be released after the infamous Turkish Uzay bootlegs.  Pictured above is the first wave to be released (in 1980) and therefore some of the rarest out there.  They even have them for sale if you are willing to drop a cool 15 grand.  A little steep for our blood but 4LOMKUSS.COM is a strong believer in the "if its worth it to you policy" so if these are a must-have or missing from your collection then click the pic above to check'em out. As for us, we are headed to the craft store because these would be a blast to customize!

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Official Poster for TROROTJ

Super fans of the force Kyle Newman and Paul Bateman have just released a fantastic poster for Newman's hilarious star tribute to Return of the Jedi.  Encircled by vintage ROTJ figures this poster is a great tribute in and of itself as it is modeled after the classic 1-year anniversary poster for A New Hope. If you haven't seen this short documentary yet then click the pic above to head over to Entertainment Weekly to check it out.  

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Never Tell Me the Odds – Saga Legends & Mission Series Wave 1

The clock is ticking down to the release of the this new kid-targeted line and we here at 4LOMKUSS.COM are looking forward to the "nostalgically-articulated" series.  So just as we do with all new additions to The Black Series we present to you a statistical look at these two new series. Saga Legends - Wave 1 Mace Windu (AOTC) Clone Trooper (AOTC) Obi-Wan Kenobi (ROTS) Anakin Skywalker (ROTS) Super Battle Droid R4-P17 Yoda Shock Trooper Mission Series - Wave 1 Darth Vader and Seeker Droid Anakin Skywalker and 501st Clone Trooper Battle Droid and 212th Clone Trooper Jango Fett and Battle Droid   Figures by Source 56% - Revenge of the Sith* 31% - Attack of the Clones 13% - Expanded Universe * This series [...]

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The Vintage Death Star You Never Had…But Now Can!

Lego customizer Eric "Baron Sat" Druon has created his own version of the Death Star. Baron Sat's version is based on the vintage cardboard Death Star playset released in 1978. This vintage cardboard Death Star playset was not released in the United States and as such is missing from many a collection.  It was released in the United Kingdom by Palitoys, in France by Meccano,  in Australia by Toltoys and in Canada by Kenner Canada.  There are variations among the four versions but overall they are generally the same playset. Click the pics above to see more pics from this great tribute to an elusive playset.

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Lucasfilm Infinities

This week many online retail stores have put up for pre-sell the first waves of The Black Series and the Saga Legends series.  Exciting as it is to soon have new figures to hunt; we here at 4LOMKUSS.COM are asking the question - where would we be right now if Lucasfilm had not sold the Star Wars franchise to the Walt Disney Company.  Check out below as we compare where we could have gone this year (Infinities) with the reality of where we are!  2013 Infinities Spring Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones 3-D in theaters Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones 3-D “Yoda” Movie Heroes and The Clone Wars action figure series release Summer  Star Wars Build-a-Droid series release – [...]

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