Galaxy of Toys returns to the Shadows

Kenner/Hasbro’s 1996 short-lived Shadows of the Empire series is the topic of conversation in the most recent episode of Galaxy of Toys Podcast.  In Episode 9, the hosts do a great job of breaking down each toy released with knowledgeable insight and fun nostalgia. Head on over to have a listen by clicking the pic below!

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A tour of the new Star Tours sets has posted a great visual review of the two new Disney Theme Park Exclusive Star Tours sets.  Both "The Search for the Rebel Spy" and "Sector 2 Security" are featured along side comparison photos of Star Tour sets from the past.  Now while these sets are currently only available at Disney Parks, if you missed last year's sets they can now be found at the by clicking here. Click the pic to get the whole review at

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A 4LOMKUSS Mystery – The Proto-Kaadu

We here at From 4-LOM to Zuckuss have come across a toy which appears to be a long lost ancestor of the Gungan Kaadu.  The only problem is we have no idea what property or series it comes from.  As this toy holds such a similar design to the Kaadu we are seeking help via our new Facebook page in identifying this "proto-Kaadu" and to see if we can make some connections between it and the concept artists for Episode 1.  Head on over to to see more photos or to help us solve this mystery.

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Sister Lines – Jumbo Yakface Updated has posted carded pics of Gentle Giants' 2013 SDCC Exclusive: Yakface.  With the release of Yakface in this line it officially extends the Jumbo Kenner Figure series to include figures from 3 of the 4 movie based Vintage Kenner lines.  Yet to be represented is any figure released exclusively in The Return of the Jedi series.  The release of the figure also prompts us to update our Sister Lines section as we make it our goal to catalog all action figure lines connected to Kenner and Hasbro action figures. Click on the pic to check out's coverage of this exclusive. Click here to pre-order this Jumbo Figure from Gentle Giant. Click on the Sister Lines link at the top of the page to [...]

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The Force is now with us on Facebook

From 4-LOM to Zuckuss would like to invite all our readers to follow us on our new Facebook page.  At you will find links to all our 4LOMKUSS.COM stories, posts and updates plus exclusive content and up-to-date coverage on all things Star Wars action figure related. Head on over to "Like" us by clicking here and May the Force be with Us as we begin our first step into a larger world!

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Star Wars Rebels – A look at what could be

Graphic Designer Engelha5t has created a series of concept action figure packages for the upcoming animated series Star Wars Rebels.  Not only has Engelha5t created some amazing card backs but he has shown that he possesses great EU knowledge as he has included versions of characters from Star Wars: Droids, future versions of Star Wars: The Clones Wars characters as well as popular Expanded Universe characters.  These cardbacks can be found on his deviantArt page but please be aware that some of his other images include adult content so viewer warning is advised.

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The Variant Villain’s Vintage Visuals

Lili Ledy, the company responsible for releasing vintage Star Wars action figures in Mexico, is now remembered for the large amount of figure variants they produced.  Variant Villain has created a great visual comparison database detailing these various variations. Click the pic to educate yourself on this Mexican exclusive line. We have added this site to our Collecting Resources page where we collect the web's most thorough and useful Star Wars action figure websites.  Check back often as we are always seeking out, adding and sharing new sites from the world's collecting communities.

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Toy Huntering Boba Fett

Are you a fan of action figures, comic conventions, seeing collector's collections and traveling; then you should be watching Toy Hunter?  Jordan Hembrough is the host of this Travel Channel show which follows Hembrough's exploits across the country to acquire and resell new and vintage toys. Hembrough is a self-confess Star Wars action figure fan and so its not uncommon to see Star Wars action figures pop-up on his show.  In last week's episode "Toy Tycoon" Hembrough almost pulls the trigger on purchasing a carded Droids Boba Fett figure for $2.5K. Find out more about the Toy Hunter by clicking the pic!

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TIEs Intercept at International Toy Show

The upcoming The Vintage Collection TIE Interceptor was among the handful of items featured at Hasbro's booth at the International Tokyo Toy Show.  On display was the international exclusive waves of the Movie Hero and The Clone Wars figures, some upcoming ROTS 3-D packaged vehicles, The Vintage Collection's Slave 1 and the first wave of The Black Series. Check out for all the pics!

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A Sister Line – From a certain point of view

Toy Company Super 7 has announced their San Diego Comic Con Exclusive for 2013.  The set combines two classic Kenner toy lines: Alien and Star Wars!  These Alien figures are done in vintage 3 3/4 style and use the famous Kenner Star Wars Early Bird Package concept.  What makes this set not only cool for Star Wars action figure collectors but these figures were originally planed for release in 1979 but the line was shelved due to Kenner's larger Alien toy being deemed too scary for kids. Click the pic for more Kenner'esk pics.

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