episode_VII_count_downDecember 18th, 2013 – Star Wars Episode VII is exactly two years away from appearing in movie theaters all over the world.  And despite knowing very little about any of the film’s details, fans and collectors alike are looking forward to the next chapter in the Star Wars saga.

As filming has yet to commence on the yet untitled film, Hasbro at this point is most likely focusing their next action figure line based of the upcoming animated television show Star Wars Rebels.

On this future anniversary of Star Wars’ next cinematic debut StarWars.com released another interview with the creators of Rebels.

And while no new information was revealed in the interview, we did catch a glimpse of what appears to be a Hasbro McQuarrie Concept Stormtrooper action figure being used a reference material.



rebels_stormtrooper This of course makes complete sense as the creators of this future Saturday morning cartoon have referenced that the style of the show will be greatly based-upon the art of Ralph McQuarrie.  This particular figure has been released twice with the first time being during the “Episode II” Star War Saga line in 2003 and then as a repaint for the 30th Anniversary Collection in 2007.

At this point Hasbro has only released images of their packaging slated for their Rebels action figure line.  And much like the preview above it too, featured a Stormtrooper.  Additional figures are most likely to be revealed at the next Toy Fair which is currently set for February 14-16, 2014 in New York city.

So now as the countdown begins toward Episode VII it appears fans will be plenty distracted by army-building a whole new line of the Empire’s elite soldiers.